Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Could you PLEASE stop doing that?

Okay....yesterday was an unusual and pleasant day for me.
Hubby took his friend out to the outdoor shooting range.
He left at 9 o'clock in the morning and he was gone all day.
That meant I got to stay home all day, all by myself.
It was lovely.
Now I did stay in my pajamas but I still did a few things so it wasn't a totally wasted day.
But I got to watch mindless TV, I did what I wanted all day, when I wanted.
I cooked chicken for Cookie and myself.
We had fresh yummy chicken, a ton of veggies and Ramen noodles for lunch.
I did some laundry, changed the beds, cleaned to birds and even went outside and collected a bunch (a whole bunch) of fallen branches to put in the fire pit.
It was a very relaxing day.

Hubby came home after 4:30.
And he got a little upset with me.
I get very tired of something he does unconsciously and it annoys the crap out of me.
All the time.
He yawns when you are talking to him, he yawns when you are looking at him.
He yawns in the car, he yawns in the store.
And when he is home he makes all the yawning "sound effects" that are supposed to go with a big yawn,

Now I don't really think he is yawning because he is tired or bored.
And an occasional yawn is perfectly understandable.
BUT: I think he has just gotten into the habit of doing it and he keeps doing it without even realizing what he is doing.

So when he was making his yawning "sound effects" last night I asked him if he would PLEASE try and not do that all the time.
It is bad enough having him yawn in your face or in your ear but when you add the sound effects, it gets downright ridiculous.
He got upset with me.
He'll get over it.
I just wish he would stop the constant yawning.
Or at least tone it down.

That's it.
It is a beautiful day.
We are going to have lunch at Cracker Barrel with our friend Russell.
I know where I want to sit, who I want for our waitress and what I want to eat.
Then, I want to go to all the usual places.
Cookie gets to go to Day Care and she loves that.
I think it'll be a nice day.

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Bev Sykes said...

He may not know why he yawns. I yawn all the time too and I don't have a clue why...but I don't make all the sounds that go with it.