Monday, August 9, 2010

Face it, your life just winds up in a dumpster.

Well........It has been an interesting week.
I have been griping and complaining and muttering and fussing so much about how this house has become a dark, depressing, sad place for me.
So last week, after chatting with a good friend (who is in much the same boat I am in) I got inspired and decided to start cleaning things out and making a place for myself that is comfortable.
I started working on that dark cave of a living room that we have had boarded up for about the past 6 years.
I got in there, took EVERYTHING off the walls, got CrazyFriend to come out and help me clean (CrazyFriend LOVES to clean).
Hubby bought me a nice new 32' television and today he ordered a second satellite box so I can watch television when I want to.
I won't say that I am in love with it.
I have always HATED that room.
But it is better. And I guess better is good.
At least it is a step in the right direction.
I am still working on the condo or townhouse in Myrtle Beach.
But that won't happen until the economy improves and the donkey dies.


Yesterday I got a bee in my bonnet to start cleaning out the attic.
Talk about a quagmire.
We got up there are about 1:00 and pulled down TONS of stuff.
Stuff that I still can't figure out why we put up there in the first place.
TONS and TONS and TONS of my parents' stuff/
Papers. Mortgage books. Cancelled checks. Letters of recommendation .
Notepads. Photos of people I had NO idea who they were.
Magazines. Newspaper articles from the 60's and 70's.
Car payment books. Pink slips.
Boxes and boxes and endless boxes.
All things they obviously thought were very important.
So important that yesterday, my husband and I hauled about 90% what we took down to the dumpster.
And we barely got through 1/5 of what was up there.

And that is it.
Saving things from the 60's and 70's and 80's in file folders because they are so very important.

Y'know what?
Your life..everything that you thought was so very important....(unless you are an exceptional person with an amazing legacy) is all going to wind up being hauled away to the nearest dumpster.
None of it really matters after all.