Monday, July 12, 2010

So black is the new.....well, black. I am back with a tentative post.

I must admit, I have not missed having this blog and I am entering this somewhat reluctantly.

But here is what has changed. I felt burned out, wiped out and overwhelmed. I am still feeling much of the same and you can add on depressed, claustrophobic and bored to that list. But I am trying to do things a little differently now. I don't know if it will help or not.

I found myself overwhemled with the staggering number of clothes I own. When I was getting dressed the other day, I was trying to decide between the blue shirt, the striped shirt, the green shirt, the purple shirt. And then the jeans. Or the shorts. Or the capris. And I said this is ridiculous. I said enough was enough. I went for black dress pants and a black tank top. Y'know what? I liked it. SO......I immediately boxed up ALL of my polos and t-shirts and tanks. I kept out 3 black t0shirts that I really like. I went to the Goodwill store where I do all my shopping and bought 2 nice black polo shirts and on plain black t-shirt. And at WalMart, I bought a really nice black Danskin tank for $3. Now, all of the polos and t shirts that were driving me crazy are boxed up and will probably wind up taking a trip to the Goodwill store in the near future. I am MUCH happier with the new black.

I also tried to talk to hubby about why I am so unhappy. I tried to explain that I am tired of living in a dark air conditioned claustrophobic cave with no air circulation and no natural light and no comfortable place to sit or to watch TV. And I am tired of sleeping in a room that sounds like it is at then end of a runway of a small airport (3 fans running and the heat pump cranking right outside my window...) He tried to be understanding although I don't beilieve he "got it" entirely. But at least I said my piece.

And.....this is the worst for me. I am trying to cut down on my spending. That means no lunches out 7 days a week, no long trips into town for no reason other than I am bored.No long road trips and no weeknights at the Holiday Inn just to get out of town. I have treid to cut down on my impulse buying. So far, so good but it is soooooooo hard. Staying here all day with nothing but busy work to do (see paragraph above) and not getting out just for the sake of getting out. But I am trying. Hard.

So that is what I have changed.

I guess only time will tell how it works out.

Good luck to me.