Thursday, December 31, 2009

What's with that?

Okay...this is obviously a "guy" thing and it drives me crazy.
There can be something not done around here for months.
Clean the porch, fix the leak in the barn, dig a fire pit, burn the trash...stuff like that.
Stuff can stay undone, unmoved and untouched for months.
Then when I get a bee in my bonnet to go out and do whatever "it" is, Hubby will inevitably come out and tell me how I am doing it wrong.
Even though he has totally ignored whatever "it" is for months.
It always happens.
What is up with that???

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's just easier this way.....

Well..thank goodness Christmas is OVER.

I cannot tell you how much better I am starting to feel once the mandatory holidays are over being crammed down my throat.
It's like a weight lifting off my shoulders.

But here's the deal:

I have decided that this is the last time I am going to let the holidays bother me this much.
I can't do anything about the Seasonal Affective Disorder.
It comes around every year totally predictably and I turn into a mean, cranky zombie.

But the holidays are something I CAN do something about.

And just like staying angry or holding a is just too mentally, emotionally and phyically exhausting to continue on a regular basis.

I don't want to do it anymore.

So this is it.

I have decided to stop expending energy complaining about how much I hate the holidays.

I just don't care any more and it takes too much out of me to fight it.

I can't do anything about it.

That's the thing about hitting your head against a brick wall.

It feels so good when you finally stop.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

NO NO NO Nooooooooo!!

I absolutely CANNOT believe this:

I am NOT lying.
I am not making this up.

We went to Target this afternoon.
The day after Christmas.
And amazingly, unbelievably.

They had the Christmas stuff put away.
(Except for the sale stuff, of course.)


And people WONDER why I am so cynical about the holidays...........

Blocking Porn Sites from reaching Blog comments

Okay...question here:
Yesterday I found a comment on my blog that was a bit bizarre looking.
When I followed it back, it led me directly to an Asian Porn site.
I obviously don't want this showing up on my blog.
I immediately deleted the entire entry.
I want to block this from happening again.
It did NOT make me happy.
Any suggestions other that changing "Comment Moderation" settings?
Can I report this to AOL?
Can I report it to Blogger?
Will they even care?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jingle Bells, Shotgun Shells, Jingle All the Way..

Here's the deal.
I did NOT get the Taurus .38 special revolver that I was excited about.
Unfortunately, the guy who said he was going to hold it for me failed to put a "Sold" ticket on the gun and one of the other guys put it back in the case and it was sold.
And needless to say, I was very disappointed.
VERY disappointed.
And pissed at the guy who failed to put a sold sign or anything else on the gun for me.
I did wind up getting a really nice 20 gauge single shot shotgun as a Christmas gift.
A friend of ours had one that he rarely shot.
It is a very nice gun and when we had lunch yesterday, he gave it to me.
Wooo hoooo.
That was soooooo nice.
I couldn't believe that he gave it to me.
It was a very nice gesture on his part.

Jingle Bells
Shotgun Shells
Jingle all the way!

WTF is the matter here????

Monday, December 21, 2009

It's Christmas! Let's buy a gun!

Well, apparently, this is becoming a Christmas tradition with me.
It's Christmas...Let's buy a gun.
I went off on my own yesterday because it was a nice day, I was bored and I didn't get to go to the places I wanted to go on Saturday.
So off I went on my Sunday odyssey.

It was pleasant enough.
I left early so the crazed Christmas shoppers were not quite out yet.
And the Episcopalians were still in church so the restaurants were not mobbed,

I had a delicious chicken salad sandwich at Zaxby's (I like that place. It's a little nicer that "fast food" and they have very good $5 lunches.)
It was nice.
Then I went downtown.

I went to the range because I have been thinking about getting a little larger caliber gun to carry.
I thought about a 9mm semi-automatic and there was one hubby suggested I look at, a Taurus single stack.
I actually wanted to go by myself.
I find it easier to look at things when he isn't there.
He tends to hover and he knows so much about guns, he isn't willing to do anything by gut feeling, it's all book stuff.
I know what I like when I like it.

Well, I looked at the 9mm and I did NOT like it at all.
It is a single stack so the grip is very narrow and the slide makes it quite top heavy.
Very wrong.

BUT Lo And Behold..It must be my Christmas angel.
In the used case, they had a lovely Taurus revolver (I don't mind Taurus revolvers..there's not much that can go wrong on a revolver.....).
I was a .38 special, 2" barrel, Ultralight special edition with rubber grips and hi-viz sights/ And it even comes with an ankle holster (I've always wanted one of those..)

Damn if I didn't fall in love.
I want that gun.
It felt good, it looked good and I love it,
It is mine...or at least it will be this afternoon.

The funny coincidence is that I am always finding guns around Christmas.
The gun that I want to trade for the new a Ruger .22 target pistol that we bought.. guess what....we bought on Christmas Eve 4 years ago.
we are going out today and I am going to try and negotiate a trade for my new love.
I think I can do okay.

It's Christmas.
Let's buy a gun!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thanks for the Bag O'Crap.

Alright.....Here's one of the many things I hate about Christmas.
CrazyFriend came over today to visit the animals and do her "chores" (for some reason, she feels better when she does my laundry, runs the vacuum, sweeps the porch) and she brought me a bag of Christmas crap.
I hate getting bags o'crap.
It is useless, pointless junk that I don't want and will never use.
Some of it was regifted and one item was clearly left over from Halloween.
All in a Christmas bag.
Thanks for the bag o'crap.
I put it in the hall closet along with 4 other bags o'crap that I have stored in there.
I guess I could regift them, but I really don't want to pass along the bags o'crap.
If I don't want them, why would I want to give them to someone else??
PLEASE stop giving me bags o'crap.
If you are really feeling the holiday spirit and want to give me a gift, give me something I can actually use.
Give me a gift card for Home Depot or Michael's or Cracker Barrel.
Give me 20 scratch-off lottery tickets.
Give me a $20 dollar bill in a card.
I just don't need another bag o'crap to store in my hall closet.

Friday, December 18, 2009

You really don't need children....

I stopped at Day Care yesterday to pick up Cookie.
And the guy in front of me....well, let's just be polite and say I HOPE he and his yuppie wife don't have children because if they do they will be just as neurotic as the guy and his three dogs.
To begin with:
The dog's names: Bailee, Sasha and Connor.
Now I am sorry but those are kid's names NOT dog names.
And I waited very patiently while this guy explained at great length about the dogs and their quirky habits :
Bailee had to be fed as early as possible or he would throw up.
Connor was on Prozac.
Sasha had to have water mixed with her food because she wouldn't drink any other water.

He went on and on and on.
He had 3 pages of instructions.
He had everything explained and mapped out.
He had all their food and medicine in individual pouches.

Now, don't get me wrong.
We baby Cookie as much as the next guy.
I cook her chicken and rice.
We take her to day care.
She has here special toys that she loves.

But I am worried about this guy and his yuppie wife,
Bailee, Connor and Sasha.
I think they will be working on adopting a Chinese baby soon.
And the will name her Brittney Laura.
And they will play Mozart and buy her Baby Einstein videos.
She will have designer clothes and a $700 top of the line ATV stroller
They will make their own baby food in a Cuisinart Food Processor.
And she will be on Ritalin for her ADHD when she is 5 years old.
(And she will be in therapy until she's 30......)

HELP!! Maybe this is how it all starts!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Trying to out passive aggresive the Queen.

Okay.....I am in a battle of passive-aggressive behavior and I am not sure of who is winning.

I am, after all, battling the Queen of All Things Passive-Aggressive and it is not an easy fight.

I was being the sensitive, supportive understanding guy.
But last week tore it all and I have given up.

CrazyFriend's sleazy boyfriend has won and I simply am not going to fight it any more.

It is one of those things that I learned a long time ago, requires too much time and energy and you never really win.

So I give up.

I've thrown in the proverbial towel.
He got what he wanted.
He wins.

Now....all I can do is be passive aggressive and play on the guilt.
That seems to be working and it is more satisfying than banging my head against a brick wall.
I've been there, done that, got the T-shirt.
And I just don't want to do it any more.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Never together... is my question of the day:

Why don't things that you use together ever run out together???

I keep noticing this more and more and it is bothering me more and more.
It started with my shampoo and conditioner.
I always wind up with about a third of a bottle of conditioner left when the shampoo runs out.
SO I buy more shampoo...WHAT do I do with the remaining leftover conditioner?
Do I use it up? Do I throw it away and start over again, only to run out again?
It really really bugs me.
And now..I seem to be noticing it more.
I buy coffee and sugar at the same time.
I always run out of coffee before the sugar runs out.
I buy two different kinds of milk.
I always run out of one and have about half the other left.
I buy dog food and cat food.
Dry and canned for each.
I always run out of canned before I run out of dry.
Both cat and dog.
It is annoying.
I wish things would run out together.
It would make shopping and planning sooooo much easier.
And it would be one less thing that bugs me.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's okay to hate Christmas....really.

I've seen a couple posts lately by some edgy super uberparents of tiny little children who for some reason feel the need to be intensely defensive about liking Christmas.
Guess what. Here's the news bulletin:
You are supposed to like Christmas.

But someone like me has as much right to hate Christmas and the holiday season as much as you have a right to love it.

Here's the deal:

I am 60 years old.

I have been around the Christmas block once or twice.
I live on a fixed income.
I have no particular religious leanings.
I do not like children (everyone who knows me knows that..)
I do not have any children. hence no grandchildren to indulge.
I have no extended family whatsoever.
My friends drive me crazy.
There is just my husband and me.
And Christmas is not a happy time for him (when he was 16, his father died suddenly on Christmas Eve).

Christmas has turned into a time that is all about greed, conspicuous consumption and selfishness.
It is a time for retailers to make their bottom line.
It is a time for greedy children who have to get the "must have" toy of the season and a time to make parents feel guilty if they cannot get that toy.
The church groups can scream "Remember the Reason for the Season" all they want but they cannot win against Tickle Me Elmo or a ZhuZhu Hamster.

We do not want to feel pressured to buy gifts that we can't afford for people who don't appreciate or need them.
We find the traffic and the crowds to be extremely annoying.
We cannot STAND the Christmas music that starts blaring in the stores as early as October.
We hate the rampant commercialization.
We find the craziness on Black Friday frightening.
We find the political correctness to be ridiculous.
We don't like the cold weather.
(You want a white Christmas? I want to live in Florida..)
And we cannot wait for the holiday season to be OVER, the sooner the better.

On Christmas Day, we eat at a Chinese restaurant and then take the dog for a long walk in the park.
And we buy $100 of lottery scratch-offs.
That is what we do for Christmas.

If I had my way, I would avoid it all together.

So you and your little babies have a wonderful Christmas trying to make memories.

But don't try so hard.
And don't get so defensive about it.
It's okay.
But give me my space to hate it.
I have my reasons too.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I really needed to be someplace else today.

Okay, it was one of those days.
It got down to 30 degrees last night.
I brought the plants in and put them in the little "greenhouse" that I built for them on the screen porch. I think it worked pretty well because they seem fine while the plants that got left out are all quite dead.
But it was so cold, I tried Cookie's sweater on her. LOL. It was like trying to stuff a 10 pound sausage into a 5 pound casing. I think she's gained a little weight.
So, while Petsmart had its 30% off sale, it seemed like a good time to buy her a new sweater.

We drove in to town.
I planned on having brunch with CrazyFriend but we had about an hour and a half so that was plenty of time to find a sweater for Cookie.
She has to try on every one in the store because she is very...uhhh..."full-figured", if you will.
But we eventually found one for her.

We got it and hubby went back home and I went into town, thinking I was going to meet CrazyFriend for brunch.
We talked about it yesterday.
So, I called her and said "CrazyFriend, I'm on my way into town, what are you doing, what time do you want to meet at Cafe Strudel?"
There was a long silence on the other end of the line and then she says..."Oh I'm here with my boyfriend (insert: creep, sleazebag freeloader) and we're taking pictures of the renovations he's doing at such and such a know..before and after stuff."
And I said, "Well, how long is that going to take?"
And she said hesitantly, "All day....."
I said, "Thanks, CrazyFriend. I thought we were going to have brunch."
"I guess I got distracted.." she said lamely.

Now, being the guy, if I had done that, she would have been angry and launched into her most passive aggressive hissy fit that she could muster.
But I just said, "Thanks a bunch." I'll remember next time I get "distracted".
And I went on my way.

Lunch sucked.
I haven't been to this place in ages because I didn't like it before.
But another friend has decided that it's his new favorite place so I thought I'd give it a try again.
Well.....guess what I STILL don't like it.
My brunch, although very inexpensive, was just not that great.
I wish I had just gone next door to the coffee house.
And unfortunately, you cannot fix a bad lunch.
It stays with you all day.

I headed over to the other side of town, where we don't usually spend much time and I just kinda chilled out.
It was nice.
I needed to be someplace different.
I needed a break.

I went to Barnes & Noble.
Rarely go there.
I spent $20 on 3 books (2 journals and 1 cozy that looked cute).
And I just wandered around.
Aimlessly, mindlessly.

I went to the sporting goods store and looked at metal detectors.
I want one but I just can't bring myself to spend $150 on one.
I looked at tents.
I bought a spoon for $1.99.
Big purchase.

And I stopped at Sportsman's Warehouse.
I bought a Chicken and Noodle camping meal.
A pair of socks.
And a tiny Lexan spatula.
I spent $16.00.

It turned out to be a very relaxing day.
I didn't spend too much.
I bought a bunch of stuff I didn't really need.
I hit $4.00 on my lottery tickets.
And I found a quarter in one of the parking lots.
Wooo hooo

On the way home, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts and had hot coffee and a French Cruller.
It was VERY good and I enjoyed it.

Even though I was and still am miffed at CrazyFriend for her uncharacteristically inconsiderate action, it turned out to be for the best.
I know I enjoyed the day more.
I needed a change of pace.
I needed to be someplace else today.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Final Episode of Monk

I stayed up "late" last night to watch the final episode of Monk.
Late for me, that is.
And I had to make a real effort to do it.
This time of year, I can easily go to bed at 7:30, read for 30 minutes and then be in for the night.
But I wanted to see the end of Monk.
So I had coffee and chocolate chip trail mix pancakes for dinner.
The pancakes were delicious, I must say.
And the coffee kicked in.

The final episode?
I liked it.
It kept the fabric of the show intact.
It put the characters at rest.
It was sweet and satisfying and a happy fuzzy warm (but not sappy) ending.
It tied up loose ends, sent everyone on their way and made you feel good.
I think it was very well done without being gimmicky or overly sentimental.

UNLIKE the final episode of Xena.
We could have done with a warm fuzzy ending there, instead of a brutal destruction of the iconic character who everyone loved so much.
We could have done without Gabrielle left descending into madness and depression.

Rob..take a lesson from Mr. Monk.
Your character doesn't have to die a horrible, violent, brutal death or be a martyr for her cause.
You could have given your hardcore fans a break.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Day without CrazyFriend.

Okay.....well, I must admit I am feeling a tad guilty but I had a day without CrazyFriend yesterday and it was fun and pleasant. But since I am the guy, I can't help feeling like I was sneaking around and cheating.

I had to go to Charlotte to pick up some medicine for our dog, Cookie. I don't mind going to Charlotte, in fact I enjoy the drive and I enjoy having lunch up there BUT everytime I go up and take CrazyFriend with me, I wind up having the most unpleaant, stressful drive and it just makes for an unfun day. Because we ALWAYS wind up arguing about her "boyfriend" and being trapped in the car for an hour an a half, I usually lose it and go ballistic about 2/3 of the way back to Columbia. It is so bad, I can just about tell you the mile marker on the interstate where I am going to lose it and start yelling. I turn into the guy. I know I am right, and I say things I know I shouldn't say, I raise my voice, I throw in a few expletives and then I am sorry and wish I hadn't done it. Sometimes, I even make her cry. Jeeez, it's too hard being the guy.

But..yesterday, I drove up there by myself. I love I-77. It is flat and straight and fast. I got to listen to my CDs the whole way. I had coffee and I stopped at the rest stop for a 5 minute pee break (not the usual 20 minutes it takes when I am with CrazyFriend.) When I rolled into Rock Hill, I called Cousin suzie (who I really like....think Barbara Jean on the Reba Show.) She said she could meet me for lunch. We met for lunch at a place called the Peach Stand> It's a really nice place with a restaurant, all kinds of gourmet foods, a bakery, souvenirs and treats. We had taco salads and talked about going to New Brattonsville next week.

Since Cousin Suzie lives right there, she went with me to the vet's office (which was very helpful because she showed me a much easier way to get to the vet's office). We shopped a little bit (all the same places we shop anywhere...Books-a-Zillion, the Goodwill Store, Best Buy. And then we went to Starbuck's (don't usually go there but we wanted coffee and something sweet). It was fun. FUN is the operative word here. There was no whining or complaining about the food or spending 20 minutes in the bathroom.

We killed the entire day and made plans to go to New Brattonsville next Tuesday if the weather is decent. (CrazyFriend can go with us for that.) I enjoyed the day very much.
And on the way back, I stopped at a gun and hunting store just outside of Rock Hill. It was just on the spur of the moment. I'd seen the signs for it so many times and this time I decided to stop. It was HUGE. I was very surprised. I didn't buy anything but it was fun finally stopping.

I made it past mile marker 83 without having to yell or curse or go ballistic. I drank my soda, listened to Bette Midler, rolled 70 mph the whole was and got back here at about 5:00. What a nice, relaxing FUN pleasant day. It was a gorgeous clear, sunny day, in the high 50's and I must admit, I actually enjoyed myself this time around. I wish CrazyFriend would learn to lighten up and let go of things a little but to spout a platitude, you can't change a leopard's spots. We all are who we are.

Unfortunately, when I got home, I found out hubby did not have quite the nice day I did. The transmission on his truck went out about as far away from home as it possibly could. He had a terrible time getting back with it since it wouldn't go more than 30 mph. And it looks like he is going to need a new transmission (This is the truck I asked him to wait and look around a little more but he bought it straight out = we won't go there...)

And it is pouring with rain today And he HAS to go out because he has two doctor's appointments (who schedules TWO doctor's appointments on the same day??) and he has to have dinner with his buddy.) So guess who's car he has to take. Yup. Uh well. He drove the thing the whole time I had my broken ankle. I just want him to be careful and I want him to fill it back up with gas and I want him to clean the SAND and dirt out of it when he is finished with it. In other words, please just give it back to me in the same condition that I gave it to him.

I am going to stay home and have a nice quiet day. CrazyFriend just called me a second ago wanting me to meet her for lunch but I declined. Guilt guilt guilt. Sneaking around?? No, it wasn't me. I am going to lay low for a day or two. Isn't that what the guy is supposed to do?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Where is the outrage?

I am so sick of this.
15 people gunned down on a major military post by a guy on his own personal jihad.
4 cops murdered by a convicted felon whose sentence was commuted by the governor.
It never stops.
And I think it keeps getting worse.
And people keep getting more and more oblivious and apathetic.
Nobody seems to care anymore.
It happens over and over and over again.
Is that the politically correct way of putting it?
WHY does this keep happening?
There is no more outrage because we might offend someone or some group.
There is no justice because dangerous people are let out of jail.
We need to get angry.
We need the self-righteous indignation.
We need a longer memory than the 15 minutes of news coverage this carnage gets.
There is no more decent anger or outrage.
Let's stop worrying about offending someone and get mad about this.

You KNOW you're sick when all you WANT is Pepto-Bismol

Well, this was an interesting week.
Thanksgiving was nondescript and uneventful.
We ate at Cracker Barrel.
The food was reasonably priced, very good and there was plenty of it.
Even Cookie got a little plate of ham, turkey and stuffing which she enjoyed very much.
It's a little depressing sometimes, to realize that our dog eats better every day than many people in third world countries.
Oh well. That's life I guess. Maybe that's what we should be thankful for.

After our early Thanksgiving lunch, we went out to Sesqui Park and had a nice long walk.
It was very pleasant.
That's all I remember of it, frankly.

Honestly, Saturday is a blur. I could not tell you what I did or where I went.
I guess that's why I write everything down on my calendar.
Sorry...Wait. I remember now, we had breakfast with Cousin Suzie and then another walk in the park.
I made around the whole two miles this time.

But I DO remember Sunday.
First there was the great glove hunt.
On Saturday I thought I'd lost on of my favorite gloves.
I took them with me because it was chilly in the morning.
But I never put them on.
So when I discovered it was missing, I went back at 7 a.m. to all the places we'd parked, thinking I may have dropped it out of the car.
Well, no glove but I searched through hubby's truck and it finally turned up.
Then there was the afternoon.
Hubby was going to the commissary and I planned on staying home, having a nice lunch and a quiet day to myself.
I do not know what hit me.
We've all had a 24 hour bug going around and I guess it was my turn.
About 12 noon, I got sick as a dog (Sorry Cookie).
It was awful.
I went to bed, cranked up the electric blanket, took Imitrex and was sooooo miserable.
I stayed there the rest of the day and all night,
My stomach was so upset I couldn't stand it.
The Imitrex wasn't doing much but I really WANTED some Pepto-Bismol.
If you WANT that yukky pink stuff and it actually tastes and feels good, you KNOW you're sick.

Well, my stomach bug finally got better.
I made it to lunch with CrazyFriend at the Japanese place and had a yummy Bento Box with shrimp and fried rice.
And I got to hear all about the funeral.
I went to the range and shot a little bit.
I haven't been to the range in months, since I broke my ankle and I always feel obligated to go to the range and practice since I carry a gun (CWP) every day,

It was a nice day although I was being cautious with my tummy.

I am going to Charlotte to pick up some medicine for Cookie's teeth.
I'm going to meet Cousin Suzie and have a taco salad at the Peach Stand.

That's it......not very exciting but at least I didn't die.
The Pepto-Bismol saved my life...or at least it helped my broken stomach.