Thursday, October 30, 2008

NO coffee driven characters.

I started a book last night and it is AWFUL.
One of those books that makes you say "How on earth did this get published?" and I KNOW I could do better". (But I never do).
Note to self:
NEVER EVER create a character whose life revolves around drinking coffee, needing coffee making coffee, carrying around a coffee mug or having long discussions over a cup of coffee.
it is the worst cliche ever

I don't mind a character who likes coffee and needs coffee in the morning.
But is should not be the character's primary drive and it should not define the character.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trying to cope..

Here i am again. So far, this has been a pretty pleasant day. Hubby has gone out for the day so I am here alone. It is quiet.
Yesterday was okay. We played golf and had a very nice game. It was pleasant and fun and hubby was not freaking out. We just played 9 holes and he got to use the red tees so he was fine. I am amazed at how much work they are doing on the course now that it has been sold. It really looks nice. I hope they continue to improve it. It actually makes it more fun to play.
We went to lunch at Shoney's. It was fine but I really don't want to start eating there again. Too many cold cereal memories and I can just see thw weight packing back on. I do NOT want that to happen. I just have to look at the people who are eating there and I can see what happens. Ugh.
After lunch, we went into town. I bought a really NICE computer chair at the Goodwill Store. It is about $200 chair that I got for $13. We had to pick it up because i could not carry it home in the jeep. I love it and I cannot believe I found it. It is clean, totally intact, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with it. It definitely is close to the top in my Top 5 Finds at the Goodwill Store. It may actually be #1.
We've been toying with the idea of getting a friend for Cookie. I e-mailed the natioanl Dachshund rescue group about a couple of dogs they have here in the area but tey are just a little TOO demanding with their screening and "applications". They want 4 references, the require a home visit and follow-up visits. I think it would be easier to adopt a Chinese baby girl than a dog from this rescue group. I think we will stick with the local shelters. Camden had one on their web site that I called about but it was an 8 week old puppy. That, I most definitely DON"T need. Cookie might like it but not me. I'll check at the downtown shelter.
That's it. It is quiet. I had an early lunch (noodles and crackers) and I will just have a nice day. I don't know when he is coming back. Probably late this afternoon.
Okay. Bye bye.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Still a disgruntled blogger here.. I am.
It is early and I have to finish my coffee, feed everyone and take Cookie to Day Care.
We are going to play golf this morning, have lunch and then do a bunch of running around.
I bought a really nice computer chair at the Goodwill store yesterday for $13.50.
We have to pick that up and stop at Wally world on the way back.

Gas is down to $3.15. I couldn't believe it.
I think I will try going back to the gym now that it isn't so expensive.
It's hard to start back with something.
I will try for two days a week.

That's it.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

How's this for IRONY>?

I went to the doctor on Wednesday for my annual physical which was somewhat overdue. I got a nice clean bill of health, all my tests and x-rays and labs were good and the doctor said I didn't have to see him for another year.
On the way home, I decided to stop at Wally World to pick up a few small items. As I was walking through the parking lot, a elderly woman backing her car out of a space very nearly hit me. I mean I had to jump out of the way of her car and she bumped me with her fender.
GREAT... I go to the doctor for my check up. Everything is good...then I get hit by a car in the WalMart parking lot.
Jeeeeeeezzzzz. Anybody see the irony here?

In HELL......

Alright.....I am trying to give this a try.
Everyone seems to have gotten the hang of it and from what I've seen a few folks have created some really beautiful journals with colors and pictures and graphics and banners. I don't know how they are doing it.
I am having trouble just coming over here because although I HAD a blog here for a very long time, it was separate in my head from my AOL journal. I'm just not comfortable here. But here I am nonetheless. I am TRYING

Today was pretty much my version of HELL> It was raining all day and it was overcast and dreary. I decided to stay home all day because I wanted to have one day that I didn't spend any $$$ for a change. But it was HELL> I was bored and cranky. I couldn't find anything to do. I feel sorry for the poor dog...she wants someone to play with sooooo bad (we need to get another dog but that's a whole other story). I wandered around, I fell asleep for a while, I played 978 games of online Scrabble, I took the dog outside in the rain and we hunted for crickets, I had a snack, I changed my bed and a made dinner. And now it is all of 6:43 and I cannot STAND this.
My husband sits here like this all day. And he yawns all day and he sighs and he sits.
I can't do it. It drives me CRAZY. If I had to sit here like this all day every day, I think I would just rather DIE. It is mind-numbing and I HATE it.

SO that was my day. I think I will go to bed early and play another 556 games of online Scrabble. Tomorrow, I will definitely HAVE to get out. If it isn't raining, I will go play golf. If it is, I will just go into town, have a cheap ($5) lunch and wander around like a lost soul. I hate this feeling. I hate it.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

By the way....

By the way......I am NOT Val.

But if I change her profile one HER blog, I lose her.
Get it?
I can't have two different profiles even though they are two different blogs for two very different individuals.

I guess I'll stay here.

Okay... I "imported" my old blog but it is still screwed up and I still don't like it.
But I will stay here using this new name SC Happy Thoughts and just keep my old blog under the other name just so I don't lose my 3,505 entries. I do NOT like the fact that my other blogs here are integrated into the same dashboard and I cannot change the profiles to match the blogs. I wanted them to be separate but apparently, I can't do that.

I would also like to figure out how to use graphics and other things that I had over on the AOL journals. But that will come I suppose. The biggest thing is I wanted my other blogs to be separate from my personal journal. That's why I put it over here and not on AOL. Once again...Oh well.

I'll give this a try but I am still NOT a happy camper.

I guess I'll stay here.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Unlike others, I am not adjusting well

I an afraid that I am not adjusting well to this new venue.

I didn't like it when I was using it before which is why I put my personal journal on AOL.

Unlike others who seem to have made the change pretty seamlessly, I am not having as much luck.

I am all over the map here.

This could be the end of my online journaling.

Another Hummingbird this morning.....

Well.....I must I admit i was VERY surprised to see a hummingbird this morning.,
It is foggy and cool but he was out there trying to get something to eat.
I am so glad I left the feeders up.
I usually take them down gradually, one at a time and I actually leave one last one up until November. You never know who is going to be passing through.
I don't know if this guy is a local resident who is late in leaving or an itinerant guy on his was down from further up north. Either way, I put out fresh food for him and anyone else who may show up.
The diner is not closed yet.

Trying Not to Freak Out.

Well...after yesteday's total freak out, I am trying to stay calm and make this transition in a reasonable fashion. AOL is NOT helping things by discontinuing these journals...(Yeah like AOL doesn't make enough money already..)

SO here I am trying to be calm and reasonable and make the best of it.
I hope this works. I certainly hope AOL can make this transition and the remainder of my stuff finds its way over here.

I can say one thing.
I will NEVER trust anything long term and personal like these journals to AOL again.

I did think they were there for thier customers.
We are PAYING for this service, right?
Not enough, I guess.
Apparently I was wrong. They are their for their own bottom line.

Okay,,I am starting to rant again.
Stay calm..remember your karma.

Bye bye.