Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another Hummingbird this morning.....

Well.....I must I admit i was VERY surprised to see a hummingbird this morning.,
It is foggy and cool but he was out there trying to get something to eat.
I am so glad I left the feeders up.
I usually take them down gradually, one at a time and I actually leave one last one up until November. You never know who is going to be passing through.
I don't know if this guy is a local resident who is late in leaving or an itinerant guy on his was down from further up north. Either way, I put out fresh food for him and anyone else who may show up.
The diner is not closed yet.


WWFBison said...

My guys have all left, or at least I haven't seen any lately.

Leigh said...

My guess would be local guy, ours have been gone for almost a month, but then, we've had crappy cool weather.
:) Leigh

Shannon H. said...

Sorry to hear that AOL is doing that to you :(! Sounds like they are being greedy!

I found this new blog on your AOL Journal and wanted to stop by and say hi! This is Shannon H. from "That's My Answer"

Robin said...

I love hummingbirds! Since moving here to Tampa I haven't seen one but it never fails when I am visiting "home" in Arizona I always see them there.