Saturday, October 11, 2008

In HELL......

Alright.....I am trying to give this a try.
Everyone seems to have gotten the hang of it and from what I've seen a few folks have created some really beautiful journals with colors and pictures and graphics and banners. I don't know how they are doing it.
I am having trouble just coming over here because although I HAD a blog here for a very long time, it was separate in my head from my AOL journal. I'm just not comfortable here. But here I am nonetheless. I am TRYING

Today was pretty much my version of HELL> It was raining all day and it was overcast and dreary. I decided to stay home all day because I wanted to have one day that I didn't spend any $$$ for a change. But it was HELL> I was bored and cranky. I couldn't find anything to do. I feel sorry for the poor dog...she wants someone to play with sooooo bad (we need to get another dog but that's a whole other story). I wandered around, I fell asleep for a while, I played 978 games of online Scrabble, I took the dog outside in the rain and we hunted for crickets, I had a snack, I changed my bed and a made dinner. And now it is all of 6:43 and I cannot STAND this.
My husband sits here like this all day. And he yawns all day and he sighs and he sits.
I can't do it. It drives me CRAZY. If I had to sit here like this all day every day, I think I would just rather DIE. It is mind-numbing and I HATE it.

SO that was my day. I think I will go to bed early and play another 556 games of online Scrabble. Tomorrow, I will definitely HAVE to get out. If it isn't raining, I will go play golf. If it is, I will just go into town, have a cheap ($5) lunch and wander around like a lost soul. I hate this feeling. I hate it.


Lisa said...

I hope the crickets weren't your snack..LOL. Sorry to hear you had such a lousy day - and you still aren't feeling too comfortable over here yet. Hang in there, I know it will get easier each time you do something.

Leigh said...

I think it's just a matter of spending time here. I bookmarked my journal page, and just click on it. EasyPeasy!
If you see a template you like, just ask where they got it, how they created it.
I'm sorry your day was so crappy.
Hope tomorrow's a better day.
:) Leigh

garnett109 said...

you'll get the hang of it