Sunday, August 30, 2009

Keepin' The Jeep......'s the deal.
This has been a VERY difficult few days.
I know I don't deserve any of this and I probably have the most generous and patient husband on the planet (PLEASE don't tell him I said that.)
Since I broke my ankle I have been going stir crazy,
I can't stand being at home and I NEED to be mobile.
Well, after sitting here on the computer for 6 weeks with my leg in a cast, I convinced myself that I needed a new, comfortable car with air conditioning and an automatic transmission that I could drive NOW.
I thought I was over the Jeep.
So I surfed and I surfed and I found a beautiful 2004 Chrysler Sebring convertible.
And to make a long story short, hubby bought it for me last Thursday.
It is a gorgeous car.
It drives so smooth and it's so quiet and comfortable.
It's grey with a black top and black interior.
So hubby bought it for me with the understanding that we would do some minor repairs on the Jeep (which I dearly love) and then start trying to sell it.
Surprise surprise.
I had NO idea how much I loved that stupid Jeep and I just could not bear the idea of parting with it,
It has so much character and it is so much fun.
And it is MINE.
All Jeeps are very individual.
There are no two alike,
And to be honest, I cried when I thought of have to sell it.
I couldn't sleep.
I couldn't think of anything else but that Jeep.
It is 17 years old, I've had it for 7 tears, it has 170,000 miles on it and it is still running strong.
It is basically irreplaceable.

Well, after two days of crying (I am NOT a person who cries about anything, even when the dog dies...) and not being able to sleep of think of anything else, last night at 11:30 when hubby kept saying to me 'Are you alright? You look exhausted? What is wrong?" I finally broke down and told him. I didn't have any choice.

I LOVE the new car. It is absolutely beautiful.
But I cannot sell the Jeep.
So we came to an agreement.
I would take over responsibility for the Jeep (gas, oil changes, tags, insurance) and I could keep it.
We'd put the minimal liability insurance on it and I could drive it once a week or so,
And I would have the gorgeous convertible for my primary vehicle.
That is MORE that fair and more than I deserve.
But I love my Jeep and now it doesn't have to go away to a stranger.
I won't have to take down my Xena pictures my Xena quotes and the cryptic bumper stickers won't have to be scraped off. I won't have to clean it out.

The Jeep is staying home with me.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

No, You may NOT bring your roadkill out here. I am a pretty understanding individual.
I try to be kind and supportive.
I TRY. But I have my limits.
Crazyfriend is mad at me.
She has this awful thing about stopping and picking up roadkill (possums, raccoons, cats and any other unfortunate creature that may be in the middle of the road) so that she can give it a "proper" burial.
Seriously, I swear to God....I am not making this up.
She carries a shovel, gloves and plastic bags in the trunk of her car and will stop anywhere.
It is an AWFUL yukky gross thing but she views it as a public service and does it out of "respect" for the unfortunate animal.
Well, she called me earlier this afternoon wanting a "huge" favor.
Now Crazyfriend has always been very helpful to me and I am willing to help her if I can.
BUT...Her 'favor" was that she had the carcass of a large dead dog in the trunk of her car that she's picked up off the road.
She couldn't get her good-for-nothing live-in "boyfriend" to help her so she wanted me to let her bring it out her to bury it.
I am sorry.......but there are just some things that you have to say NO to.

Transporting roadkill across county lines is one of those things.
I have to draw the line at bringing dead animals out here.
I told her no, it would upset us and I really couldn't let her do that.
She was bristling with righteous indignation when she hung up on me and now she's mad.
Sorry, even I have my limits.
No roadkill. Ever!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Free at last, free at last!



I went to the doctor yesterday and he took my cast off. I was soooooo glad. It's been over 5 weeks since I hurt myself and I was ready.
I had absolutely no idea what to expect when I went for my appointment. I was hoping he's take it off but I just wasn't sure. He looked at the x-rays though and said I was good to go.
He gave me a light weight brace, some compression hose (my foot is swelling really bad) and a few exercises to try. And he gave me 6 weeks of physical therapy. It feels really weird.
I don't know how long it'll take me to get back to full function but I can tell you this....once I can move my foot 6 inches up and down (enough to press a gas pedal, then I am outta here!!

I am soooo glad. At least I am making some definite progess and hopefully will make a full recovery. I'm thinking 4 to 6 months but that is tolerable if I can start to get around on my own.

YAY!!!!!! Woooo hoooo!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Juat because you're a zombie doesn't mean I want to be one too.

Well, I must admit, this has been a very difficult month for me but what really concerns me is just how difficult it seems to be for my husband.
He has been very kind and helpful and done everything for me since I got hurt but I no idea how really difficult it is for him to do routine every day things and frankly, it is a little worrisome.
I am the one who would do all the mundane chores in the house laundry, feeding the animals, small repairs and running errands. I don't mind doing these things because I enjoy driving and I like staying busy and being active...even if it's a simple thing like getting a hamburger or going to WalMart.
Now I KNOW this has been very stressful for him.
This behavior has been magnified and intensified since I got hurt.
But I don't think it's anything new or different.
It's just that I can see more of it than I ever could before.
Now that he is the one who has to do almost all of those things, I can see that it is very hard for him. He doesn't like to get in the car and go places, he doesn't enjoy going to the store or shopping for even a little while, he doesn't seem to enjoy cleaning up this place or making it nicer, he doesn't WANT to do anything that doesn't involve sitting in front of the computer or the TV except occasionally going out to lunch, to the bookstore, to have dinner with his friend or shoot at the range.
He tries so hard to NOT expend one iota of energy extra and if he is forced to, he just gets frustrated and upset. Yesterday at lunch, I asked him to throw something in the trash for me (the trash can was literally 3 feet from him). Instead of throwing it away, he simply shoved it to the other side of the table (I could have done that....) and when I MADE him get up and throw it away he was very upset with me.
He won't take any extra steps or make any extra trips (he tries to carry in ALL the groceries in one trip if he possibly can and he tries to do everything he possibly can in on trip.
Now, I KNOW that he is a good guy and he is generous and he has been very patient with me since I got hurt and I am the one who normally does all the running around/ I cannot complain because he always gives me anything I want and he does just about everything I ask.
But his lack of energy (he slept 12 hours yesterday after we went into town to buy birdseed and take the dog to the vet), his lack of interest in things around him and general apathy about everything in the world is very worrisome to me.
If he had his way, he would seal up this house, turn on the air conditioning and stay in one place without ever moving except to get a glass of weak iced tea.
He is yawing constantly..

He would even let the dog sleep 23 hours a day if she didn't have to get up and pee every now and then.
It worries me. I want to be around people. I want to have activities. I feel like you should have some kind of a challenge every day. I think the dog should have a challenge every day, even if it's learning to sit up or chasing the cat. And when we don't I feel like a zombie.
I literally believe that this lack of activity is just turning our brains to mush and I don't like the way it feels. I know he would never admit it but I really think it is affecting him as much as it affect me and the dog.
Everything thing is slowing down.
I don't know where it will lead.
I don't know what to do.
Talk to him about it?
But it really does worry me. A lot.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Now, what are the odds of this? this is entirely too freaky-deaky for words.
The odds of this happening have GOT to be astronomical.
I broke my ankle a little more than 3 weeks ago.
In just a split second accident.
Right? Right.

Well, my husband's best friend's wife has been very nice.
She called me, sent me a bunch of books to read and last week, she took me out to lunch and to a movie.
It was very nice of her and I told her we'd go out again next week.
I said I was going stir crazy and I really appreciated her taking me out for the day.

Well......Yeah, you guessed it.
She was going down the stairs in her house night before last about 10 minutes after my husband left.
She slipped on the stairs. fell down and SHE BROKE HER ANKLE!

It happened about 8:30 at night, her husband had to take her to the ER.
They were there until 3 a.m.
She came home in a long leg splint.
She has to see the orthopedic surgeon next week and she will have to have surgery.
And she is looking at 2-3 months at home for the rest of the summer.
And it's her right leg, same as me.

What the HELL do you think the odds of something like this happening to BOTH of us?
It is such a crazy coincidence.
I still can't believe it.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

People are driving me CRAZY.

I have been in this cast for a week now (it's been about three and half weeks since my original injury) and I am going crazy.
I appreciate all the kind words from the people in the blogosphere but the real people in my life are driving my nuts.

CrazyFriend came over yesterday because hubby wanted to go out to dinner with his friend and I can't feed the outside animals or let the dog out.
Well, she brought over more JUNK that I don't want or need.
I am trying to get RID of some of the crap that has accumulated in this house over 30 years
I don't WANT more stuff.
But she showed up yesterday with a rock tumbler so I could polish rocks.
I tried to be kind and tactful and explain to her that I appreciated her efforts to bring me things that would keep me amused but I didn't feel she needed to be spending $30 or $40 dollars on a ROCK TUMBLER. But she just didn't get it
When I tried to get her to take it back to the hobby shop, she said no, she would drop it off at the Goodwill Store (unopened and unused). I said fine, leave it here.
(She will not return ANYTHING to ANY store for ANY reason. that's yet another one of her charming quirks).
I did get her to take back the stack of 5 year old magazines she brought me last week,
I HATE magazines and I really have no interest in reading 5 year old ones.
Gimme a break,
I would have totally appreciated it if she had just comke out, helped with the things I can't do (feeding the animals, taking the dog out, sweeping the porch) rather than trying to bring junk that she thinks I will find amusing and entertaining.
She is treating me the same way she treated her father when he was in the nursing home for so long before he died and it it MAKING ME NUTS>

Hubby is doing a little better.
He doesn't bring me useless stuff.
And he is making an effort to do things around the house when I need stuff (watering the plants, feeding the hummingbirds.)
Today we are going to go out for lunch, them to Home Depot and maybe the book store it my foot isn't hurting too much,

This is making me totally crazy.