Thursday, August 6, 2009

People are driving me CRAZY.

I have been in this cast for a week now (it's been about three and half weeks since my original injury) and I am going crazy.
I appreciate all the kind words from the people in the blogosphere but the real people in my life are driving my nuts.

CrazyFriend came over yesterday because hubby wanted to go out to dinner with his friend and I can't feed the outside animals or let the dog out.
Well, she brought over more JUNK that I don't want or need.
I am trying to get RID of some of the crap that has accumulated in this house over 30 years
I don't WANT more stuff.
But she showed up yesterday with a rock tumbler so I could polish rocks.
I tried to be kind and tactful and explain to her that I appreciated her efforts to bring me things that would keep me amused but I didn't feel she needed to be spending $30 or $40 dollars on a ROCK TUMBLER. But she just didn't get it
When I tried to get her to take it back to the hobby shop, she said no, she would drop it off at the Goodwill Store (unopened and unused). I said fine, leave it here.
(She will not return ANYTHING to ANY store for ANY reason. that's yet another one of her charming quirks).
I did get her to take back the stack of 5 year old magazines she brought me last week,
I HATE magazines and I really have no interest in reading 5 year old ones.
Gimme a break,
I would have totally appreciated it if she had just comke out, helped with the things I can't do (feeding the animals, taking the dog out, sweeping the porch) rather than trying to bring junk that she thinks I will find amusing and entertaining.
She is treating me the same way she treated her father when he was in the nursing home for so long before he died and it it MAKING ME NUTS>

Hubby is doing a little better.
He doesn't bring me useless stuff.
And he is making an effort to do things around the house when I need stuff (watering the plants, feeding the hummingbirds.)
Today we are going to go out for lunch, them to Home Depot and maybe the book store it my foot isn't hurting too much,

This is making me totally crazy.


garnett109 said...

Yeah, what would you do with a rock tumbler, Me thinks shes got a for rocks that tumbled

Anonymous said...

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