Friday, August 7, 2009

Now, what are the odds of this? this is entirely too freaky-deaky for words.
The odds of this happening have GOT to be astronomical.
I broke my ankle a little more than 3 weeks ago.
In just a split second accident.
Right? Right.

Well, my husband's best friend's wife has been very nice.
She called me, sent me a bunch of books to read and last week, she took me out to lunch and to a movie.
It was very nice of her and I told her we'd go out again next week.
I said I was going stir crazy and I really appreciated her taking me out for the day.

Well......Yeah, you guessed it.
She was going down the stairs in her house night before last about 10 minutes after my husband left.
She slipped on the stairs. fell down and SHE BROKE HER ANKLE!

It happened about 8:30 at night, her husband had to take her to the ER.
They were there until 3 a.m.
She came home in a long leg splint.
She has to see the orthopedic surgeon next week and she will have to have surgery.
And she is looking at 2-3 months at home for the rest of the summer.
And it's her right leg, same as me.

What the HELL do you think the odds of something like this happening to BOTH of us?
It is such a crazy coincidence.
I still can't believe it.


City Girl said...

Great Googly Moogly. There's some kinda bad anklebone voodoo floating around there, Sister.

Y'all need to getcha some gris-gris!

garnett109 said...

yep , what city girl said

jon said...

have you considered having yourself bubblewrapped?

Governor Jen said...

I don't know what the odds are, but I'm steering clear anyhow!

Anonymous said...

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