Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You KNOW you're sick when all you WANT is Pepto-Bismol

Well, this was an interesting week.
Thanksgiving was nondescript and uneventful.
We ate at Cracker Barrel.
The food was reasonably priced, very good and there was plenty of it.
Even Cookie got a little plate of ham, turkey and stuffing which she enjoyed very much.
It's a little depressing sometimes, to realize that our dog eats better every day than many people in third world countries.
Oh well. That's life I guess. Maybe that's what we should be thankful for.

After our early Thanksgiving lunch, we went out to Sesqui Park and had a nice long walk.
It was very pleasant.
That's all I remember of it, frankly.

Honestly, Saturday is a blur. I could not tell you what I did or where I went.
I guess that's why I write everything down on my calendar.
Sorry...Wait. I remember now, we had breakfast with Cousin Suzie and then another walk in the park.
I made around the whole two miles this time.

But I DO remember Sunday.
First there was the great glove hunt.
On Saturday I thought I'd lost on of my favorite gloves.
I took them with me because it was chilly in the morning.
But I never put them on.
So when I discovered it was missing, I went back at 7 a.m. to all the places we'd parked, thinking I may have dropped it out of the car.
Well, no glove but I searched through hubby's truck and it finally turned up.
Then there was the afternoon.
Hubby was going to the commissary and I planned on staying home, having a nice lunch and a quiet day to myself.
I do not know what hit me.
We've all had a 24 hour bug going around and I guess it was my turn.
About 12 noon, I got sick as a dog (Sorry Cookie).
It was awful.
I went to bed, cranked up the electric blanket, took Imitrex and was sooooo miserable.
I stayed there the rest of the day and all night,
My stomach was so upset I couldn't stand it.
The Imitrex wasn't doing much but I really WANTED some Pepto-Bismol.
If you WANT that yukky pink stuff and it actually tastes and feels good, you KNOW you're sick.

Well, my stomach bug finally got better.
I made it to lunch with CrazyFriend at the Japanese place and had a yummy Bento Box with shrimp and fried rice.
And I got to hear all about the funeral.
I went to the range and shot a little bit.
I haven't been to the range in months, since I broke my ankle and I always feel obligated to go to the range and practice since I carry a gun (CWP) every day,

It was a nice day although I was being cautious with my tummy.

I am going to Charlotte to pick up some medicine for Cookie's teeth.
I'm going to meet Cousin Suzie and have a taco salad at the Peach Stand.

That's it......not very exciting but at least I didn't die.
The Pepto-Bismol saved my life...or at least it helped my broken stomach.


garnett109 said...

hooorah for pepto

salemslot9 said...

always have the pink stuff
in linen closet
if you don't
it's too late
to get it yourself
someone has to go
to the store for you

Lori said...

Hooray for Pepto Bismol! Hope you are feeling much better by now!!

Anonymous said...

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