Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh Hooray! A Funeral!

Well, I was fortunate enough to NOT be a part of CrazyFriend's latest attempt to "help" someone.
She found out last week that her second cousin was dying.
Now this is a person who she did not get along with terrible well...
She told me numerous times that she was intimidated by these people, (the cousin, her mother, the boyfriend) and that she had "alienated" them.

And had had very little contact with them

Up until the last couple of days.

And then she was on a mission.

A mission of mercy.

She offered to sit with the woman.
She wanted the people to find out about the "resources" that were available.
She wanted them to know about products that would make her care easier.
She wanted to help so she would be more comfortable.
She wanted to read to her.
She wanted to talk to them about her pain medication.
She wanted to talk to the hospice nurse to find out exactly what they were doing.

CrazyFriend was totally in her element.

She was beside herself.
She was excited.
Someone was dying and she had a chance to be part of it (whether they wanted her or not..)
I could hear it in her voice.
She was excited.
She was animated.
It was her thing.

But sadly, it didn't last very long.
The poor woman died on Sunday.

Oh well.

But look on the bright side.

Now CrazyFriend has a funeral to go to on Saturday.



Lori said...

Crazyfriend is NUTS!

Anonymous said...

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