Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sad evening....poor kitty

Well, it's a very sad evening.
One of my little kitties just died a little while ago.
She was very frail and had been in poor health for a very long time.
I guess she finally used up all of her nine little lives.
Sad. Poor Sicky Cat has gone to Kitty Heaven.
Bye bye Sicky Cat.


salemslot9 said...

oh noooooo
what was her name?
how many kitties
do you have?
I feel for you...

Sunny said...

We just called her "Sicky Cat" because she was so frail and had so many problems.
Her demise was not unexpected but it's still very sad, after all she went through. We tried to make her comfortable.
The other two remaining are Pesky and Calico Kitty.
They are alot more hardy than she was.

jon said...

Wilson sends his condolences. Pets are great companions and pure love.

jon said...

Mingle****** I forgot!

garnett109 said...

Sorry for your loss

Lori said...

Oh, poor kitty. I'm very sorry, but glad she isn't in any pain.

Anonymous said...

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