Thursday, November 12, 2009

No, you may not put your dead cat in my refrigerator.

Well, another episode in a day with CrazyFriend.
As I mentioned, one of the little kitties died last night.
It was sad and we miss her but it was not unexpected and she went very quietly.

But I had to break the news to CrazyFriend this morning.

Now CrazyFriend is one of those over the top animal lovers.

Not quite to the level of PETA but she has her own crusade.
(it has to do with don't even ask.)
She does everything and goes everywhere and will go to extraordinary measures for a stray kitten she finds on the street.

And every time something (or someone) dies she wants to have an autopsy.
When her mother died, she wanted to have an autopsy.
(I was there with her in the emergency room. The doctor was puzzled by the request)
When her father died, she wanted to have an autopsy.
He was 85 years old, a brittle diabetic, double amputee, had had multiple surgeries and spent the last two years of his life in a nursing home.
When she returned from California and her cat she had out there died, she actually put the CAT in the FREEZER then had it shipped overnight here to South Carolina and tried to take it to the Clemson Research Center to have it autopsied.
And she wanted to have this poor little Sicky Cat autopsied.

She has this guilt thing.
She wants everything posted so she can know if there was something more she should have or could have done.

She's never done enough.
If a gerbil died, she would want to have an autopsy.

If a parakeet died, she would want to have an autopsy.
(yes, I know if it's an animal it's technically called a necropsy but I digress)

The little Sicky Cat died yesterday evening, quietly in her bed.
She was warm and comfortable and did not struggle.
I did NOT call CrazyFriend to tell her.
It was after dark, raining and cold.
And she would have driven out here, taken the little cat home stuck it in the freezer (I am SERIOUS) and then driven around with the dead cat today until she found a vet who would do an autopsy .
She would have gone to the Clemson Research Center.

Where they would have looked at her like she's just landed from Mars in a spaceship.
It was "important".

I waited and told her this morning.
AFTER we had a very nice little $2.49 funeral here at the house for the kitty..

We buried her under a tree near the bird bath.
She would have liked that.
She had a long and difficult life.
She died quietly.
She needed to be left alone.

This is one of CrazyFriend's ongoing REALLY crazy notions.
Everything that dies...she wants "answers".
It's a real guilt issue, not a "knowledge" issue like she claims.

Leave the little kitty be.
Rest in Peace, little kitty.

Dead is dead.

Nothing is going to change that.

Get over it, CrazyFriend.

(8 days to Missy Goode)

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