Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finally finished with the doctor....

Well, yesterday was a busy day but it turned out pretty well.
We went to lunch at Mr. Friendly's (one of the best lunch places in town and one of the more expensive as well). But it was well worth it.
We had roast duck (yummy yum), garlic mashed potatoes and succotash.
It was soooooo delicious.
We don't go there that often because it winds up being a $30 lunch but once in a while, it is so good, we just can't help ourselves.

After lunch, we went to my orthopedic surgeon appointment for my ankle.
I was hoping it would be my last appointment.
I've been seeing him since the middle of July when I broke it.
I did have some new questions and concerns that I wanted to talk with him about.
I REALLY needed to get the stitches out.
That was driving me crazy and that was the first thing they did.
But the ongoing problem is the fact that my ankle is still very swollen and while it doesn't hurt in the sense of "Ow ow, I want some pain medication", I am always aware of it feeling not quite right.
My gait isn't quite right, I have to be very careful on any uneven surfaces and if I don't put on my compression hose, the swelling is really bad.
He checked it over and took some additional x-rays just to be sure I hadn't cracked the stainless steel plate.
He said everything looked fine on the x-rays.
And he asked me how much I was doing.
When I told him, he kinda said "Well, you may be doing entirely too much and you might want to take it easy, stay off your feet, elevate your ankle and maybe ice it down."
And he offered to start cortisone injections if it was really bothering me.
Now THAT is a can of worms that I really don't want to open up.
BUT on a good note, he said he'd done all he can do, more physical therapy won't help and I was free to go on my merry way.
So unless this swelling really becomes a problem. I won't have to see him again.
AND he was nice enough to extend my handicapped sticker for another 3 months.
He has been very nice and very accommodating throughout this entire ordeal.
I have been very pleased with his care and his office staff have all been very kind and professional.
If I had to break my ankle. I had a very good doctor.

Sooo. that was it.
An exceptionally yummy lunch and a good doctor's visit.
Not an entirely bad day.


salemslot9 said...

I've never had duck

Bev Sykes said...

My mother broke her ankle about 3 years ago and it was depressing how long it took to fully heal. But I'm glad that you're mostly healed now!

Anonymous said...

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