Thursday, November 5, 2009

Say it anyway.....

I'm here.
I didn't mean to be here but I got here by default so I am going to hang around even though I don't have much to say.
Yesterday was pleasant enough.
I went to lunch with CrazyFriend and it was fine.
We even discussed her "boyfriend' (insert: leech,sleaze,freeloader,con man) and I suggested that if she is going to insist on him staying on (he's been living with her for 2 years, he's not going anywhere) that instead of just forking money over to him, that she sit down, figure out how much money he needs for the month and then give him that specified amount. If he spends it or saves it or throws it away, that is up to him but that is what he gets, no more, no less. That way, she will at least have some idea of how much he is taking her for every month.
Actually I think it is an excellent idea......but she will never do it.
He owns her and she is no longer in control of her house, her cars, her money or her life.
But it was a constructive suggestion.

After lunch, we wandered around a bit. We had cinnamon pumpkin frozen yogurt (it was absolutely delicious) and we shopped a bit.
One of our favorite stores (Christopher & Banks) is having a big sale this weekend (40% off everything in the store) but you could BUY stuff today at the sale price. You just couldn't pick it up until Saturday. I found a really nice denim-style jacket and I got it. CrazyFriend found a number of things that really looked nice on her and things she liked but she didn't buy anything. She e the jacket I wanted to "think about it.." I HATE that. I don't know what there is to "think about". If you like it, get it. If you don't, forget about it. But it was a very nice sale.

CrazyFriend also talked me into going to an Italian Festival they are having this Saturday in Finlay Park. I am not that keen on going (I have little interest in anything Italian except maybe lasagna) but her "boyfriend" (insert: sleaze,creep,moocher, golddigger) won't go with her so I said I would. Okay, I am trying to be the sensitive guy. I always wind up being the guy in this relationship.)

That was it. The rest of my Wednesday was quiet. I picked Cookie up from Day Care and on the way to get her, I stopped and bought a $1.00 scratch-off and I won $6.00. I was very pleased. I kept $5.00 and bought another scratch-off with the extra dollar. That of course was zero, nada. But I am not complaining about an unexpected extra $5.00/ Yay! I do so want to buy 100 scratch-offs. I wish I had the nerve and the $$$ to do that.

I watched TV the rest of the evening, changed the beds and had pancakes for dinner. It was a very quiet evening. Hubby got home early from dinner with his friend.

Today? What am I doing today you ask?

Well, today is hubby's day to go to the commissary but it is so gorgeous out that I told him I would go. I really don't want to stay in all day and I wouldn't mind getting out. I don't mind going to the commissary and I can stop at a few places on the way:
Home Depot (landscaping timber)
Ace Hardware (3" wood screws)
The Goodwill Store (who knows?)
Petsmart (new collar for Cookie)
WallyWorld (potato salad)
Commissary (groceries)
Lunch (Zaxby's)

It looks like it will be a busy day but believe me, I would rather be busy than sitting around.

That is my non-entry for today.

Countdown to Missy Goode (15 days)


Lori said...

And a very good non-entry it was too!

Anonymous said...

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