Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thanks for the Bag O'Crap.

Alright.....Here's one of the many things I hate about Christmas.
CrazyFriend came over today to visit the animals and do her "chores" (for some reason, she feels better when she does my laundry, runs the vacuum, sweeps the porch) and she brought me a bag of Christmas crap.
I hate getting bags o'crap.
It is useless, pointless junk that I don't want and will never use.
Some of it was regifted and one item was clearly left over from Halloween.
All in a Christmas bag.
Thanks for the bag o'crap.
I put it in the hall closet along with 4 other bags o'crap that I have stored in there.
I guess I could regift them, but I really don't want to pass along the bags o'crap.
If I don't want them, why would I want to give them to someone else??
PLEASE stop giving me bags o'crap.
If you are really feeling the holiday spirit and want to give me a gift, give me something I can actually use.
Give me a gift card for Home Depot or Michael's or Cracker Barrel.
Give me 20 scratch-off lottery tickets.
Give me a $20 dollar bill in a card.
I just don't need another bag o'crap to store in my hall closet.


salemslot9 said...

maybe, donate stuff
to thrift store
if it's like a Salvation Army, etc...

Anonymous said...

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