Sunday, December 6, 2009

I really needed to be someplace else today.

Okay, it was one of those days.
It got down to 30 degrees last night.
I brought the plants in and put them in the little "greenhouse" that I built for them on the screen porch. I think it worked pretty well because they seem fine while the plants that got left out are all quite dead.
But it was so cold, I tried Cookie's sweater on her. LOL. It was like trying to stuff a 10 pound sausage into a 5 pound casing. I think she's gained a little weight.
So, while Petsmart had its 30% off sale, it seemed like a good time to buy her a new sweater.

We drove in to town.
I planned on having brunch with CrazyFriend but we had about an hour and a half so that was plenty of time to find a sweater for Cookie.
She has to try on every one in the store because she is very...uhhh..."full-figured", if you will.
But we eventually found one for her.

We got it and hubby went back home and I went into town, thinking I was going to meet CrazyFriend for brunch.
We talked about it yesterday.
So, I called her and said "CrazyFriend, I'm on my way into town, what are you doing, what time do you want to meet at Cafe Strudel?"
There was a long silence on the other end of the line and then she says..."Oh I'm here with my boyfriend (insert: creep, sleazebag freeloader) and we're taking pictures of the renovations he's doing at such and such a know..before and after stuff."
And I said, "Well, how long is that going to take?"
And she said hesitantly, "All day....."
I said, "Thanks, CrazyFriend. I thought we were going to have brunch."
"I guess I got distracted.." she said lamely.

Now, being the guy, if I had done that, she would have been angry and launched into her most passive aggressive hissy fit that she could muster.
But I just said, "Thanks a bunch." I'll remember next time I get "distracted".
And I went on my way.

Lunch sucked.
I haven't been to this place in ages because I didn't like it before.
But another friend has decided that it's his new favorite place so I thought I'd give it a try again.
Well.....guess what I STILL don't like it.
My brunch, although very inexpensive, was just not that great.
I wish I had just gone next door to the coffee house.
And unfortunately, you cannot fix a bad lunch.
It stays with you all day.

I headed over to the other side of town, where we don't usually spend much time and I just kinda chilled out.
It was nice.
I needed to be someplace different.
I needed a break.

I went to Barnes & Noble.
Rarely go there.
I spent $20 on 3 books (2 journals and 1 cozy that looked cute).
And I just wandered around.
Aimlessly, mindlessly.

I went to the sporting goods store and looked at metal detectors.
I want one but I just can't bring myself to spend $150 on one.
I looked at tents.
I bought a spoon for $1.99.
Big purchase.

And I stopped at Sportsman's Warehouse.
I bought a Chicken and Noodle camping meal.
A pair of socks.
And a tiny Lexan spatula.
I spent $16.00.

It turned out to be a very relaxing day.
I didn't spend too much.
I bought a bunch of stuff I didn't really need.
I hit $4.00 on my lottery tickets.
And I found a quarter in one of the parking lots.
Wooo hooo

On the way home, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts and had hot coffee and a French Cruller.
It was VERY good and I enjoyed it.

Even though I was and still am miffed at CrazyFriend for her uncharacteristically inconsiderate action, it turned out to be for the best.
I know I enjoyed the day more.
I needed a change of pace.
I needed to be someplace else today.

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