Monday, December 21, 2009

It's Christmas! Let's buy a gun!

Well, apparently, this is becoming a Christmas tradition with me.
It's Christmas...Let's buy a gun.
I went off on my own yesterday because it was a nice day, I was bored and I didn't get to go to the places I wanted to go on Saturday.
So off I went on my Sunday odyssey.

It was pleasant enough.
I left early so the crazed Christmas shoppers were not quite out yet.
And the Episcopalians were still in church so the restaurants were not mobbed,

I had a delicious chicken salad sandwich at Zaxby's (I like that place. It's a little nicer that "fast food" and they have very good $5 lunches.)
It was nice.
Then I went downtown.

I went to the range because I have been thinking about getting a little larger caliber gun to carry.
I thought about a 9mm semi-automatic and there was one hubby suggested I look at, a Taurus single stack.
I actually wanted to go by myself.
I find it easier to look at things when he isn't there.
He tends to hover and he knows so much about guns, he isn't willing to do anything by gut feeling, it's all book stuff.
I know what I like when I like it.

Well, I looked at the 9mm and I did NOT like it at all.
It is a single stack so the grip is very narrow and the slide makes it quite top heavy.
Very wrong.

BUT Lo And Behold..It must be my Christmas angel.
In the used case, they had a lovely Taurus revolver (I don't mind Taurus revolvers..there's not much that can go wrong on a revolver.....).
I was a .38 special, 2" barrel, Ultralight special edition with rubber grips and hi-viz sights/ And it even comes with an ankle holster (I've always wanted one of those..)

Damn if I didn't fall in love.
I want that gun.
It felt good, it looked good and I love it,
It is mine...or at least it will be this afternoon.

The funny coincidence is that I am always finding guns around Christmas.
The gun that I want to trade for the new a Ruger .22 target pistol that we bought.. guess what....we bought on Christmas Eve 4 years ago.
we are going out today and I am going to try and negotiate a trade for my new love.
I think I can do okay.

It's Christmas.
Let's buy a gun!!


garnett109 said...

I hope you got it

salemslot9 said...

"Happiness Is A Warm Gun"

Anonymous said...

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