Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spending the day with a hyperactive hummingbird

Well, okay.
I was not sure of what I was going to do today. I really wanted to stay home and have a nice quiet day. I didn't want to spend any money and I didn't want to drive all around Timbuktu. Instead, I wound up spending the day with a hyperactive hummingbird. I am exhausted and my back hurts. I WOULD REALLY JUST LIKE TO GO TO BED. And since it is dark and I have had my dinner I actually could do that.
I wish I could say it was a pleasant day but it wasn't. It sucked. I just can't go into details. It's too complicated and I would exhaust myself if I even tried. She won't slow down. She won't take a moment to breathe. She wants to make everything more complicated than it has to be. She wants to fix everyone's life. She is hyper and frantic. She talks a mile a minute. She wears me out. She is constantly going on and on and on and on. She won't let anything go. EVER!
Suffice it to say, I spent the day with CrazyFriend. It wasn't my idea. It was hers. Lucky me. She called me. I did get a 6 pack of beer and a new broom (FOR THE PORCH, NOT ONE TO FLY ON) out of the deal.
But I had to listen to the usual irritating nonsense. It goes far beyond annoying. Annoying can be charming and annoying can be tolerated in the right person. But IRRITATING is just that. And I nearly lost it but fortunately, we pulled into a store just before I went ballistic. I'm glad I didn't lose it. I always hate myself after that happens.
The whole day sucked. It wasn't fun.. It was exhausting. Please, just let me go to bed
I think I am coming down with the crud. Or a migraine. That's all I need. I feel lousy. Yuck.

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