Saturday, January 16, 2010

A 17 lb Bed Hog Dog

Now, you wouldn't actually think that a 17 lb dog could take up so much space. I sleep in a HUGE king-size bed. It is huge. And at 4:00 this morning, I was literally SHOVED out of my bed by my little (not-so little, I guess) Dachshund. She is dead weight when she sleeps and she sleeps like a log. She snores and she totally hogs the bed.
When I woke up (at 4 a.m.) I realized that the electric blanket had clicked off and I was teetering on about 6 inches of my 6 foot wide bed. Cookie, my little dog, was wrapped up in the extra throw that I had put on the bed (the one that she WON'T sleep on if I give it to her in her bed....).
She was slammed up against me and I felt like I had a 17 lb sack of wet ready-mix cement in bed with me. I pushed her. I shoved her. I turned her over. I picked her up and moved her. But every single time she returned to her original warm spot, leaving me only about 6 inches of the very edge of the mattress.
I finally just gave up. It was 4 a.m. but I gave up. I got up, had a cup of coffee and watched TV. I am still tired But the immovable object is still in there. I'm kind of afraid to go back. There is nothing quite like being shoved out of bed by a 17 lb Bed Hog Dog.
Did I feel guilty yesterday?
I thought about it but I didn't.
After Haiti overload on CNN and realizing the absurdity of the situation, hubby and I went out.
We took Cookie to Day Care and it cost $10.
$10 that I did NOT text to the Haiti relief fund.
I took her lunch with her which was a scrambled egg with freshly cooked chicken, vegetables and rice.
We went to lunch at the Japanese place that we like.
Another $20 that we did NOT Text to Haiti.
Them we went to the craft store and spent $40 on totally useless trinkets (wind chimes) for the house.
Another $40 that I did NOT text to Haiti.
And I spent $5 on lottery tickets.
Another $5 that I did NOT text to Haiti.
Do I feel guilty?
Did I think about it?
Obviously I did or I would not be writing this.
Is it politically correct?
Clearly not.
Do I care about what's happening in Haiti?
I guess not that much. It is chaos and will get much worse.
I wonder how many people would be honestly willing to admit the same.
Enough about that.
I have to get out and feed everyone.
Hubby is going to the gun show.
I am staying home.
CrazyFriend will be coming over in about 2 hours.

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