Sunday, January 10, 2010

What to do today??

Well, I wanted to be bored today but I'm not feeling it
Yesterday worked out pretty well actually. In fact the last few days have been okay. We went out for Hubby's birthday on Thursday. It was pleasant enough. I tool him to lunch at Miyo's, an upscale Asian place near us. And I bought him three little things. I got him a book, a long sleeved T-shirt and a pair of house slippers. All things he will enjoy and use.
CrazyFriend came over yesterday. She was a bit edgy (she has been that way al ot lately) but she enjoys coming over and visiting the animals and cleaning the house. (I don't ASK her to do it. She loves to clean.) It seems to be relaxing and soothing for her so who am I to complain? We just went and had a quick lunch at Cracker Barrel and then we went to Wally World. I got some Benadryl to try for Cookie's itching. I hope it will help her, she is so uncomfortable. Poor girl.
Today?? I am feeling very ambivalent. I am not in that horrible bored mode. I feel pretty good actually. And if someone called me to go out I would. CrazyFriend wanted to go to Rock Hill today but I declined that little road trip, thank you very much. I would like to stay home. It is very cold and I am trying to not spend too much $$$ this month. I want to go to Florida in a few weeks and I am trying to not max out my credit card this month. So I may just stay home. I can find something to do.
The written journal? I said I would try it for a year. It ain't working out so well. I think may writing is not as cathartic for me as it is for others. Don't get me wrong, I like to write, I just don't feel driven to write. It's like painting. I like painting when I have something to paint. But I don't seem to need to do it every day. I may be giving up on this year long "project" (God I HATE that word.). more cup of coffee then it's outside in the cold to feed everyone.
And to decide what I'm doing today.

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