Monday, January 11, 2010

Tomatoes in January

I tried. I really did.

I was feeling very guilty yesterday because it's the middle of winter, I have gained more weight than I am comfortable with. I have not been active, I been eating entirely too much fast food. And heavy food at home. And I decided to try to have a salad yesterday.

So I went to WallyWorld. I bought two small bags of lettuce. And some salad dressing.

But then I got to the tomatoes.

I have to have tomatoes on a salad. Otherwise it's just lettuce.

And it was sad. There I was, in WalMart, trying to buy tomatoes in January.

I came home and ate my salad. But it just wasn't any good. I didn't enjoy it. I had a nice hot bowl of chicken and dumplings with cheese sauce. I just couldn't get past trying to pick out tomatoes in January.

At Walmart, no less.

How sad is that??


City Girl said...

There is nothing quite as dispiriting as a sad, little January tomato.

Maybe you could make vegetable soup? You know: hot, liquid salad?

Sunny said...

What a good idea!
I will do that today!

Lori said...

Maybe you could grow some tomato plants inside some containers in the house. I like tomatoes on my salads too.