Wednesday, January 20, 2010

CrazyFriend Strikes Again

Well, she did it to me again. I spent the day with CrazyFriend yesterday.
It was a series of fits and starts, ups and down but I wound up spending the day with her.
And of course the day turned out exactly as it always does....pointless, stupid and annoying.(That pretty much describes CrazyFriend actually).

Spending the day with CrazyFriend is never fun.

It is never enjoyable.

It is exhausting.
More than you can imagine.
I almost always wind up with a migraine.
I almost always wind up going to bed at 7:00 and staying there.
And yesterday was no different.
We drove to Rock Hill to have lunch with Cousin Suzie.
Now I like Cousin Suzie.
I like her a lot.
She is CrazyFriend's cousin but she is nothing like CrazyFriend.
She is smart and talented and sensible and funny.
I enjoy seeing Cousin Suzie.
I wanted to talk to her about a trip to Florida in March to visit my old golf buddy.
We (CrazyFriend, Cousin Suzie and I went in October and had a great time.)
And I was planning on going back in March for a couple of days.
If I went by myself, that would be fine. No problem.
If CrazyFriend wanted to go and it would be just the two of us, that would be a problem.
So I was hoping that if I did have to have company, Cousin Suzie would join us.
That's why I went up to Rock Hill.
To ask Cousin Suzie if she wanted to go and discuss the logistics of the trip.
At first, CrazyFriend was supposed to go with me to Rock Hill.
Actually, she was supposed to coordinate the day trip.
But when I asked her about it on Monday when I ran into her at PetSmart, she had totally forgotten about it.
SO.......I said I would call Cousin Suzie and arrange meeting her at the Cracker Barrel.
Then, CrazyFriend calls me that evening to tell me she won't be going because she didn't feel well.
Fine. No problem. Actually, I was kinda relieved.
THEN, Yesterday morning, at 8 o'clock, CrazyFriend calls to tell me she's feeling better and could she go with me.
I said sure. If you can get here in an hour.
No problem. She's here and ready to go in an hour.
Amazing recovery.
Well, we didn't have much to talk about on the hour and a half drive up there because I am sick of hearing about her creepy sleazy "boyfriend". But she did spend the time telling me about the Costa Ricans and the Guatemalans and the illegal Mexican immigrants that they have been working with and how she is trying to help them get settled in their dirty low-income apartment over in a really bad part of town.She's bought groceries for them and was shopping for small appliances and kitchen utensils. At rather expensive places. I suggested that if she HAD to help them that she might consider WalMart or the Goodwill Store. If they have NOTHING as she says then they will appreciate anything she gives them. It's ridiculous and the story is SOOOO complicated I can't even get into it BUT. She is worrying to death about it. It has now become CrazyFriend's mission in life to "help" the Costa Ricans and the Guatemalans and the illegal Mexicans. And of course her "boyfriend is all involved in it some how or another. I am so confused. It's crazy. It's ridiculous. It's CrazyFriend.
So after an hour and a half of LONG less than companionable silences interspersed with stories about the Costa Ricans and the Guatemalans and the illegal Mexicans, we made it to Rock Hill.
We had lunch with Cousin Suzie who said, yes, she'd like to go to Florida. So we made plans for that. We wandered around for a little bit, bought a few small things and then headed back.
Now........on the was home. Well. It's just another complicated story that I just can't do here. Let's just leave it by saying that It was her "boyfriend" and he pulled an interesting and rather cruel stunt on her. She cried almost the whole hour and a half trip back.
I was exhausted.
I went to bed at 6:30.
It is so much fun spending the day with CrazyFriend.

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