Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cowboy boots and western shirts.

I went to Rock Hill yesterday with CrazyFriend so we could meet with Cousin Suzie and firm up the plans for our Florida trip next week. We had a very nice lunch at Olive Garden. We usually eat at Cracker Barrel but since we are going to be eating there all next week, we decided to do something different. It was a very nice lunch. The soup was okay (a little thin I thought for a "cream" soup) but tasty nonetheless and the salad was well....salad.
We really didn't accomplish much of anything about our trip. Crazyfriend was in her usual form talking about her boyfriend (inser: manipulative freeloading con man) and the other homeless and unemplyed "guys" who seem to be suddenly appearing at her house. And the fact that she is doing their laundry and cooking meals for them....(sorry I digress.) We did not make any firm decisions about the trip. I wanted to have some structure but CrazyFriend was not helping. So I guess we'll just be winging it to Daytona Beach. Oh well. If we're lucky, CrazyFriend will wind up paying for 60% of the trip and happy to do it.
But after lunch, I did get to go to theTractor Supply Store. What a NEAT place. I could have spent all day and all my money there. They had everything you could imagine. I had been trying to find a western shirt and some cowboy boots. They had plenty. I found a pair of boots that I fell in love with but unfortunately, I could NOT get them on over my right ankle. So I didn't get them. But I WANTED them soooooooo bad. I did find a western shirt (on sale for $5) and I LOVE it. I cannot wait to go back to that place.
Today is messy, messy, messy. I would actually be just as happy to stay home, but we've already made plans to meet a frined for lunch and hubby wants to go to the range. I am going to shoot too. I always feel I should shoot at least a couple of times a month and this is a good a time as any. We are going to have lunch at the Japanese place. I like their Bento boxes. Yum.
That is about it....Tito and I are engaged in the great food dish wars. But that is a whole other entry. He started unscrewing his food dish about a week ago and throwing it on the floor. I got him a different dish a couple of days ago just to distract him. And now he is so pissed at me, it's not even funny. Having a parrot pissed at you is NOT fun.
Oh well...we'll work it out.
Off to have Japanese lunch and to shoot at small pieces of paper.

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