Monday, March 29, 2010

Trimming the Parrot's Toenails

Well, it wasn't an easy task but I finally found the opportunity and was finally able to trim Tito's toenails.

He is pretty good about it, once he gets the idea that that's all I want to do. But if for some reason, he decides he doesn't want it done, you might as well forget it. With a razor sharp beak like that you do NOT want to mess with him.

But we were sitting quietly watching TV and I had the nail clipper in my hand and I just matter-of-factly reached over and picked up his foot. He let me clip his nails. Yay!

I've been wanting to do that for ages. I just needed the perfect moment.

Today was okay.

We went to lunch and to the range.

Hubby had to drop his truck off at the mechanic's on the way in. He took it in last week for a $30 oil change and the mechanic (who we trust) discovered a $500 repair that needed to be done. Yippee.

So we dropped the truck off and headed into town for lunch.

Lunch was okay...not as good as usual or maybe I just wasn't that hungry.

We had Bento boxes at a little Japanese place.

They are usually yummy but I think I was feeling very cranky.

When we got to the range, one of our friends who I usually like a lot just annoyed the crap out of me. I was actually getting a little angry with him. He was just bugging me and I wasn't in the mood. I get very tired of guys and their clever remarks ( I KNOW it's a guy thing because hubby does it all the time). They think they are being cute. I just think they are being annoying and it wasn't making me happy.

I shot my gun a little and listened to our state trooper friend tell us a couple of stories and then we just came on home. We didn't stop to wander around or buy stuff or anything. We picked Cookie up from day care, stopped back at the mechanic (hubby needed to talk to him) and then we came home.

It was an okay day but I think I just wasn't feeling it today.

I was going to call CrazyFriend and ask her to go to lunch tomorrow, but frankly, I just can't bring myself to do that right now. I like having friends and I like having company.......sometimes.

But as I discovered this weekend, I am quite happy doing things on my own. I took a 200 mile road trip on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed myself. And Sunday, I took a long walk in the park by myself and I was fine and happy. Sometimes dragging people (especially annoying people ) along can just be a pain.

That's it. We had dinner ( hubby had the last of his 3 day roast_ I had a cheese omelet with grits and I am done for the evening. I guess I just not feeling 100% today. Cranky, irritable, I don't know. But we are here and it is getting towards evening. At least I am not ready to go to bed at 7:00 like I did the last 3 nights.

Oh well.......Maybe tomorrow will be better.
As long as I don't break down and call CrazyFriend.
I don't think I'm up to that.

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Lori said...

Our cockatiels don't care to have their toenails trimmed either. It is usually a two-person job. My daughter does a good job with it and she has these nice trimmers with a light on them. She's gotten where she can do it quickly, so it isn't too hard for me to hold them for her. Hope you get some good rest tonight.