Friday, March 5, 2010

Finally, some GOOD news!

Well, I am soooo happy for my Golf Buddy in Florida. She called me last night, all excited and happy. After nearly 18 months of being on a waiting list, she had FINALLY gotten her senior's low income apartment in Daytona Beach. Wooo hooo. I am so glad she finally got it. As you can imagine, waiting for a low income, senior citizens' apartment in FLORIDA involves a VERY long wait. It's one of those places where someone has to die or be transferred to a nursing home before you move up on the waiting list.

We are going to visit her for a couple of days next week. I wasn't quite sure of what we were going to do because she's been so down lately. But now we actially have something to celebrate.

I told her a long time ago that when she finally got her apartment that we'd have a party. Well, our timing could not have been better, We can go down there for a couple of days and really have a good time. Yay. I am glad for her. I hope everything works out. She is so sweet and deserves a break after all the bad luck she's had.

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