Monday, March 22, 2010

I don't have to talk to that bitch....

It looks like CrazyFriend's "relationship" with her "boyfriend" (insert: con man, freeloader, sleazebag creep and generally scary guy) has taken a bit of a dark turn.
We've always known that he is greedy, exploitive and manipulative. The only reason that he has anything to do with her is because she is providing him with a very nice place to live in one of the most expensive subdivisions in town, a very nice car and money whenever he needs it. He is no longer even bothering with the facade of going out to eat with her or going to church with her. He comes and goes, brings strangers to the house and is just doing whatever he damn well pleases.
And he is becoming evem more manipulative and controlling.

Last week when we went to Florida, he told her "I don't understand why you want to hang around with that butch lesbian.." That would be me. (Hey, I didn't think I was that butch. Damn.) And he turns everything around to make it someone else's fault. It's never anything he does that's wrong.

And this week was even MORE interesting.

On Saturday, I told CrazyFriend I just needed a break from her and her constant discussion of her "boyfriend and 'the guys' " (Don't ask. It gets entirely too complicated. I was exhausted and I just couldn't take it anymore. She got VERY upset with me and slammed the phone down. wouldn't talk to me. Okay....No biggie. That's all happened before. She'd get over it.

But I did e-mail another mutual friend and told her what happened. I explained everything and asked her to give CrazyFriend a call just to talk to her and try and get her to talk me.

So the mutual friend did call her. This morning at her house.
Well......The "boyfriend" (you know what to insert here.) answered the phone.
When he heard our friend's voise asking for CrazyFriend....he said nothing and HUNG UP THE PHONE>
When she called back, he would not answer.
Eventually, we got a hold of CrazyFriend and she was her usual bubbly self (Insert DENIAL ain't just a river in Egypt).
And here is what she told me he said when she asked him WHY he hung up the phone.

Now, I am sorry but if that isn't abusive, isolating, manipulative, and controlling I don't know what is. AND SHE CONTINUES TO TAKE IT.

So I am now the butch lesbian.
And our mutual friend is the nosy bitch.
It is getting honestly scary.
I don't think CrazyFriend will EVER get out of this mess unscathed.

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salemslot9 said...

I don't like to deal with that kind of negativity anymore
so, I guess I'd probably try to ignore him
or, show up at her door with your friend
maybe, with coffee and doughnuts
and see if that coward has the nerve to say it to your face