Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hit a Pothole and the Radio Comes On!

Well, I went to the university last night for a meeting of the Columbia Gem and Mineral Society. Fortunately, my membership was still good. It expires at the end of this month.
They had a woman speaking about meteorites and I thought it would be interesting.
I enjoy that new show "Meteorite Men" and this seemed like a good opportunity to learn something about "Rocks From Space".
The talk was interesting enough.
She is the president of the Georgia Meteorite Association (I didn't even know there was a Georgia Meteorite Association). And she seemed pleasant, funny and knowledgeable. She is apparently a collector rather than a hunter and she said she had purchased most of the 200 meteorites in her collection.
She did pass around a real kind of generic meteorite for us to look at and feel.
That was the best part of the whole evening.
I finally got to feel one and see what one actually looks like.
That made the whole trip worth it.
The business part of the meeting was totally boring/
I had no interest in any of that and it took forever.
And I didn't even win one of their stupid door prizes that they give you for sitting through the business part of the meeting.
But all in all I am glad I went.
Right now, I do not plan on renewing my membership.
It's interesting but it's one of those subcultures that it is hard to become a part of.

AND on the way home, I was getting increasing frustrated with my car stereo.
It has a short in it and kind of goes on and off on its own.
Well, yesterday it was in one of its dead modes and I could not get it to come back around.
It was dark when I was driving home, and I hit a BIG pothole.
Rattled the crap out of the car but guess what?
The stereo came back on!
Usually it takes a little bump.
But this was a biggie and now I have music again.

Meteorites AND music.
Who could ask for anything ,ore?

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Lori said...

My daughter loves fossils, rocks, mineral, gemstones. She would probably have enjoyed the part where they handed around the meteorite too. Hope your car stereo stays on -- don't hit any more potholes!