Sunday, March 14, 2010

Five Days in Hell or......

Spending a week in Florida with CrazyFriend

Oh boy......what a week. I went to Florida last week to visit my Golf Buddy. Cousin Suzie and CrazyFriend came along and to say the least, it was in interesting week, in very much of a Harriet Peterson sort of way.

Now, I was ready to have a good time because my Golf Buddy finally got some good news, in the wake of many disappointments and I just really enjoy going to Florida. I really like Florida. And Cousin Suzie just wanted a fun relaxing trip, away from everything for a few days. Not an unreasonable expectation on a trip to Florida, right? Right.

Well, CrazyFriend was at the top of her craziness and her malignant passive-aggressiveness. She made all of us miserable, including herself. There were some pretty awful moments. What a fiasco.

It started out okay but CrazyFriend was edgy from the very beginning. She had to board her cats for the week we were going to be gone. She didn't want to "inconvenience" her "boyfriend" (insert: con man, freeloader, sleazy, scary guy) so he would not have to worry about looking after her cats. So she was worried about her cats.

We left here at 6:00 in the morning on Monday in Cousin Suzie's big truck. The weather looked goo and we were on our way. I like Cousin Suzie a lot. She is fun, smart, talented sensible, she's a good driver and she knows how to relax and have fun. She is everything CrazyFriend is not.

We had the week pretty well planned out. We figured we'd stop at the same Cracker Barrels that we'd stopped at on our last trip (they are timed just right along the way) and I had our itinerary planned for once we got to Florida. CrazyFriend wanted to climb the Ponce Inlet light house this time and she also wanted to visit the Marine Science Center where the rehabilitate sea turtles, sea birds and raptors. This is not something I would have done myself, but we went out of our way to accomodate what CrazyFriend wanted to do so she would enjoy herself. No problem.

Well, let's just say that Crazyfrined was at the top of her game. I won't say that she completely ruined the trip but she sure made for some utterly miserable moments and some fights that should only take place if you are traveling with a cranky 7 year old. She just gets obnoxious and she gets into everyone's face as if we are retarded little children (telling two grown women that we HAVE to eat dinner even when we say "We dont want to eat dinner) and not allowing us our privacy and a few quiet moments alone if we need it. Let me put it simply: SHE IS ANNOYING AS HELL AND YOU JUST WANT TO SLAP HER>>

It was not totally a bust but it could have been a lot more fun if she hadn't gotten into her passive-aggressive mode that she does so well. My Golf Buddy never knew that anything was going on because when CrazyFriend chooses to, she can be a sweet and "normal" as can be. But we were all seething underneath.

And poor Cousin Suzie was miserable because she had to share a hotel room with CrazyFriend. That alone is enough to make you want to kill yourself. At least I had my own room and I could have some peace and quiet. Thank goodness for that small favor.

After Daytona, we drove up to Saint Augustine. That was when the REAL fiasco started, The weather sucked. It rained and turned colder. But Suzie and I wanted to make the best of it. CraztFriend wanted to skip Saint Augustine and just drive on back (400 miles and SHE was not doing any of the driving). I said NO...we already and the hotel reservations and it was NOT fair to ask Cousin Suzie to drive 300+ miles in a driving rainstorm just because CrazyFriend wanted to go home.

So, in a feeble effort to make the best of it, we stayed in Saint Augustine, in the pouring rain. We had lunch at a seafood place and Suzie had a couple of beers and we decided to go to the Ripleys' Believe It Or Not Museum which was just down the block. The place was amazing, But in her own fashion CrazyFriend ruined the experience. She wouldn't stay with us, she had to take off and look at everything on her own. We just gave up and lost track of her. And Suzie was getting sick to her stomach fro the beer and the heavy lunch. At the end of the two hour museum tour, all she wanted to do was go back to the hotel and lie down for a couple of hours. Now, I can understand that, no problem because if I get a migraine, all I want to do is lie down for a while and I'll be fine.

Well, after the 40 minutes it took us to finally find Crazyfriend, (she wanted to stay and take pictures) Suzie was at the end of her rope. She was white as a sheet and all she wanted to do was go back to the hotel. Which we did. I had to wrangle CrazyFriend and keep her from bothering Suzie. That in itself was exhausting. But I did the best I could.

Suzie recovered from her upset stomach (that's all it was)...CrazyFriend wanted me to start looking for an emergency room and we had a relatively quiet evening.

The next morning, we left Saint Augustine with much better weather and Suzie feeling better after a good night's sleep.

Note to self: The next trip to Florida will NOT include CrazyFriend.

I will go with Cousin Suzie, no problem but CrazyFriend is staying home.

The details of how miserable she made us are just too numerous to list but I will admit, she outdid herself.

What was supposed to be a fun trip to Florida turned out to be a week in HELL and guess what?

It ain't over yet.

I am having lunch with Crazyfriend in about an hour.

It never seems to end.

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