Friday, February 26, 2010

Could we have just the simple answer please?'s the deal.
My husband is brilliant. Now if you ever told him I said this, I'd have to kill you.
But it is true.
The problem is, he cannot give you a simple answer to anything.
Me: Oh, by the way, dear....Who was is that killed Lincoln?
Hubby: John Wilkes Booth.
Me: Okay.
Hubby: Did you know that John Wilkes Booth had brown hair and always wore white shirts. He had a younger brother who he never got along with and his parents were farmers.
Me: That's nice.
Hubby: And that after he shot Lincoln he had to walk through 6 miles of heavily wooded stands of pine trees and then across nearly 2 miles of open pasture land.
Me: Oh, really.
Hubby: And when he finally came across Dr. Mudd's farmhouse, it was nearly two in the morning and he had lost almost two pints of blood. He was disoriented and nearly fainted on the doorstep.
Me: Okay.
Hubby: And Dr. Mudd who initially greeted him, was reluctant to treat him be he felt compelled by his Hippocratic oath to take in the wounded stranger.
Me: (eyes glazing over) Uh huh.
Hubby: And that Booth did not actually die of the gunshot wound but from the infection that set in nearly two days later.

It continues this way. You get it.

Now here is my concern.

A good friend of ours has finally decided that he is going to buy his first computer.
He was excited.
He called the other day and told us he was going to buy a laptop and he asked hubby for help.
Not so much in buying the computer but getting set up and getting on the internet and learning his way around.
Which is fine.


Here is my concern.
Hubby cannot give you a simple answer to anything.
Even if he does not know all the details, he will find some way to elaborate and make it more complicated than it has to be.
And as smart as he is, he is NOT a computer genius.

I heard him talking to our friend on the phone the other day.
He was giving him elaborate, complicated advice about Internet Explorer and HotMail and G-Mail and trojan horses and viruses and firewalls and spyware and bots and screen size and different fonts and navigating the internet by using Wi-fi sites.

And I could just see our friend's eyes beginning to glaze over.

My advice to him would have been:

Go to Best Buy.
Pick out a laptop that is in your price range that you like.
Choose a service provider, preferably DSL.
Ask the nice people at Best Buy to set up AOL for you and take you computer home with you, ready to go. Install McAfee.
Log on to AOL.
Start surfing around. Bring your computer to our house if you want.
Have fun. Ask questions and learn as you go.
Get help if you need it.