Saturday, February 6, 2010

When the house tells you to get out.......

It was raining yesterday.
No, not just raining.
It was pouring.
It was an all day, wipe out torrential downpour.
It was windy, cold and miserable.
But I could not stay inside.
This house is a dark, toxic cave.
And I realized yesterday that the less time I spend here, the better I feel.
(I frequently wonder if it has anything to do with the days that I wake up with a migraine.)
It was a miserable day.
And I was doing anything I could to stay outside.
And not just because I was bored (which I frequently am).
It was because this house is dark and dusty and cluttered and toxic.
There is no natural light.
I just needed to be outside.
I needed fresh air.
I needed daylight.
Now, I have been wanting to move.
I have been wanting to move to Florida.
And yesterday was a clincher.
There is nothing wrong with this house.
(Other than it being 30 years old and a dark, toxic cave).
It's paid for.
It's solid.
It's well built.
It's not haunted.
It's a good enough house.
But we just don't need all this anymore.
I guess it's true.
When the house tells you to get out, you should get out.

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