Monday, June 1, 2009

So many subjects, So little time...

Okay.. I can't elaborate on these things but they are what's on my mind this morning.
I will come back later and fill in the blanks.. ...

1: WHY don't people put tags or collars or ID on their dogs???
Okay... this is really sad but there just wasn't anything I could do.
On the way home from the golf course last evening, there was some one's obviously much loved pet, a beautiful Basset hound sadly trotting down the side of a super busy two lane highway. I wanted to stop and try to get him (he wasn't a hunting dog he was clearly a pet) but the traffic was so busy, I couldn't stop. But I did clearly see that he had no collar, no tags, no ID, This was sooo sad because I suspect his owners didn't even realize that he'd gotten out. Unfortunately, I couldn't get him and even if I could have I couldn't have found his owner. I think he was coming from one of the subdivisions along the way. Sad sad sad. I thought about him all night. I doubt if he made it very long. It was a very busy highway. I feel so bad for him.

2: A Goodwill moratorium for the month of June.
Shopping at the Goodwill Store. Now I LOVE shopping at the Goodwill Store. I can find so many great bargains there. We have two within about 3 miles of each other. But I am getting overrun with clothes and I just don't need anything else for a while. So I have declared a moratorium on Goodwill shopping for the month of June. No Goodwill shopping.
I went yesterday for on last ditch shopping spree. I spent $11 and I got a nice pair of pants, a pair of shorts, a polo shirt, two T-shirts and a rug.
So that's it for a little while..
June is No Shopping at Goodwill Month for me.

3: Redneck Golf.
Talk about tacky. I played golf late in the evening. I had a really good time.
I was by myself, I took my time, I was enjoying myself. I was really trying to work on my game. It was late in the evening and I was the only one on the course. Or so I thought. I couldn't help noticing the pair coming up a couple of holes behind me. They were clearly playing their version of Redneck Golf. They were walking. (The guy at the club house would not give them a cart because it was so late and he didn't want to have to wait for them.) One of them was shirtless (tacky you just don't play golf SHIRTLESS) and they were cursing F*** this and F*** that as they hit the ball 10 feet at a time.
If it had been earlier in the day I would have called up to the clubhouse and reported them. as it was I just ignored them, finished up and just mentioned their tacky behavior to the clubhouse guy as I was leaving.
Please people. Don't play Redneck Golf.

4: What are people thinking when they leave the house?
I went to lunch yesterday. There was a woman there with her husband and little boy. She was wearing a bathing suit and jeans, using the top of the bathing suit like a tank top. It was obviously a bathing suit. What do people think when they look in the mirror before they leave the house? Or wait maybe they just don't bother to look in the mirror. That must be what it is. I give up.

5: Dachshund's gone a-fishing.
Our little dog has discovered our pond fish. She is obsessing about them now. She has been terrorizing the poor little fish. she gets up on the side of the pond and tries to get them. The other day, she was putting her face in the water with bubbles blowing out her her nose, trying to bite the fish. Every time she goes outside now, she heads straight for the fish pond. It's scaring the fish.

6: Of COURSE they are following a formula. That's the idea!

I have been looking for a new book to read. I can't find anything I am terribly interested in. But I found one and I looked it up on Amazon to read some reviews on it. One of the reviewers wrote.. "characters are predictable, plot is the usual fare. It feels like the author is just following a formula..."

Of course it feels like the author is following a formula. These are FORMULA DRIVEN books. That is the nature of the genre.

What a moron.

7: $25 is NOT free.'s another golf complaint. A fellow out at our golf course was offering to give "free" golf lessons to the women who play out there. He's a teacher and coaches the local high school JV golf team. He said he was bored over the summer and he didn't have anything to do and he really enjoyed teaching golf. There was a sign up sheet at the club house for his "free" golf lessons on Tuesdays. So okay, before I went to Vegas, I signed up. For "free" lessons.

When I got back, I talked to some of the women who play out there and suddenly his "free" golf lessons came with a $25 price tag. He said it was a "one time 'donation' to buy equipment for his JV team/

well, guess what. I really think he should have said that before he said he would give "free" lessons.

I really don't have an extra $25 to donate to his JV team.

I guess I won't be taking his " free" lessons.

Be back later. Too much stuff to do this morning. Okay, I'm fine.


salemslot9 said...

hopefully, someone took that lost pup to the humane society
and his family picked them up

salemslot9 said...

or her