Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bathing Cats and Chasing Baby Birds

Well, I did something today that I have never ever done before in my life and frankly, I never imagined I would.
Our little sicky cat who lives outside has been so hot and dirty and miserable, I just felt sorry for her. The dog keeps antagonizing her (I think because she smells bad.) and she has accidentally peed on herself a couple of times. She is skinny as a rail and just pitiful.
So, this morning, I got real brave, filled up the bathtub, brought her inside and gave her a bath.
I never thought that I would ever bathe a cat but she did just fine. She howled a little bit in protest, but she is so small and weak that she that was about all she could do.
I soaped her up real good with doggy shampoo, scrubbed her and then gave her a good rinse.
She cleaned up pretty well.'
She let me towel her dry and we went back outside, smelling MUCH better and I am sure she felt better as well.

And the fun began this morning when a baby blue jay was hopping around outside in the front.
Pesky, our male cat spied him but I was able to distract Pesky with a dish of cat food. The Calico kitty eyeballed him but didn't pursue him It was COOKIE, our little Dachshund who went ballistic. She tried everything she could do to get that baby bird and the poor baby bird was hopping frantically while the mother and father blue jay were dive bombing us, screaming at the tops of their lungs.

I finally got Cookie away and fortunately, the baby bird was unhurt (but certainly shaken). The problem in now, Cookie is frantic to get back outside and look for the baby bird. She has been going to the door and sitting there until someone takes her out.

Once outside, she searches everywhere for the baby bird. Frantically with her nose to the ground. This all happened about 11:00 this morning and she is still worrying about where the baby bird is.

Apparently, she has a much longer memory than the cats.


garnett109 said...

my cats love baths

City Girl said...

The Doxie is lucky s/he didn't lose an eye! Jays are meaner than snakes - especially where babies are involved!

Nike said...

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