Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Can't we all just get along?

Okay..here's the problem with large groups of people (or even small groups for that matter):
Somebody is always bitching about something and you can't make everyone happy.

Last week, I was miffed at the golf course because of the $25 the guy suddenly decided to charge (sorry..not "charge"..it was a donation) for his "free" golf lessons and I refused to take the lessons. I really don't have any extra $25 for what I thought were going to be "free" lessons and I thought he should have requested the "donation" up front rather than waiting until he had 10 people interested and then say "Oh, by the way, I would really like a $25 "donation". It just made me mad. I felt like I'd been put in an awkward, embarrassing position and I wasn't going to cough up his $25.

Then, on Sunday, I went out for "Women's Golf" (which usually consists of me and only me even though I have been lobbying for months for more women to come out and play), Well, you can imagine how delighted I was when two women showed up, wanting to play Sunday women's golf. It was great fun. They were a little obnoxious. They were a little rowdy but they could actually PLAY. They could actually hit the ball further than 10 feet and I enjoyed playing with them. It was fun but the 4th woman who works at the golf course and sometimes plays on Sundays didn't show up. we called her a couple of times but she said she wasn't coming out. Okay. No problem. I was excited just to have someone actually show up. well, When I saw her on Monday (the woman who didn't show up) I told her what a good time we had, she said to me, "Well, it's just as well I wasn't here because I know those women and I can't stand one of them. I won't play with her."
So much for fun Women's Golf in Sunday.

It's always something with somebody out there.
I'm starting to think it's easier just to play on my own.

Can't we all just get along?

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garnett109 said...

that was rude of the dude to ask for a $25 donation, Should've been done in the beginning not during.