Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Okay...I went to see "Up!" yesterday.
It was a hot day, I was bored and I was right next to the theater.
After hearing so much about it, I'd been interested in seeing it, so I went.
Frankly, I was left a little flat and vaguely disappointed.
I paid my extra $3.50 and went to the 3D version.
I wasn't impressed (unlike the 3D in Coraline which knocked your socks off..)
It was a very charming love story with a remarkably adult theme while trying to maintain its appeal to kids with goofy animals but like most Pixar films, I was bored after about the first five minutes.
To me, it's much to do about nothing.
I paid $10 to sit in a very comfortable air conditioned theater for 95 minutes.
That was the best part.