Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thank you for doing your job...

There's been an awful lot of "thanking" soldiers and sailors and airmen and marines for doing their jobs, for risking their lives and making sacrifices in service to this country.
And I think that's great.
My husband is a retired 20 year decorated Army veteran.
Thanking veterans is wonderful and it took a long time for people to really appreciate what they do and how difficult it is.
I can't help thinking.,.....
Wouldn't it be nice if we thanked everyone for doing their jobs?
It would certainly be a much nicer world to live in.
"Oh, you're a doctor....Thank you for being a doctor. It took years of study and dedication. Thank you."
"Oh, you are a waitress. Thank you for being a waitress. it's a tough job and very demanding. Thank you."
"Oh, you're a.......whatever. Thank you for doing whatever it is you do."

Yes, veterans absolutely deserve our thanks and our appreciation and our respect but so does EVERYONE who works hard and earns an honest living.

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City Girl said...

It's been my contention for YEARS that every American, upon graduating high school, (like the Israeli military) should HAVE to wait tables for one year - including Mothers Day and Valentines Day - and work retail for one year - Christmas to Christmas.

If everyone had to work retail and wait tables, we would be on our knees thanking waitresses and salespeople - and we'd all be better tippers.