Monday, June 15, 2009

Does not play well with others.

Okay...yesterday was the WORST game of "golf" (I am using the term loosely) that I have had since we joined the golf club last year.
Now, I will grant you, I am not the best golfer on the planet.
I am fair, at best.
BUT...I like to actually PLAY.
I would like to get better.
I like to practice.
And I would like to improve.
Yesterday was a fiasco and I will NOT do it again.
It was supposed to be "Ladies' Golf".

Here's what we did:
There were 3 of us.
My new friend Liz, who is a very sweet person, a lot of fun but a super novice.
Then there was the woman who works out at the club.
She works there so she is always around.
And she can actually hit a golf ball but her heart really isn't in it.
She shows up with 45 minutes to play (because she has to go back to her hairdresser and finish getting her hair done).
She is wearing flip-flops.
And she is CONSTANTLY on her cell phone.

So we get carts.
I hardly ever take a cart because the walking is really good for me.
But it's no biggie.
I get a cart and off we go.

On the first hole, everything was okay but I didn't get the impression that anybody was really terribly interested in what we were doing. (I kinda KNEW it was going downhill from there.)

We noticed a guy behind us teeing up on the first hole.
We thought we'd be polite and let him go ahead.
Well, he was so drunk, he could barely drive the cart, let alone hit the ball.
He couldn't even walk straight.

So as slow as we were, we just let him stagger around and we went on our way.
The cell phone kept ringing.
We couldn't hit the ball ten feet.
It was hot.
Nothing was going well.

I was getting more and more annoyed.
I was trying to have a little fun but I couldn't focus and I couldn't concentrate and I couldn't practice the things I've been learning.

Flip-Flop Lady and our new friend were gossiping, totally distracted.
There were redneck drunks playing golf in tank tops.
There was a group of five ahead of us.
We couldn't get around them.
Drunk guy was behind us.
We tried everything to get rid of him.
Couldn't do it.

We got to the second Par 3 hole.
I tired making a little bet to make it interesting.
A whole dollar for who ever go closest to the hole.
That was fine but nobody really cared,
They just each gave me a dollar after they hit their balls into the stream.
That made it real interesting, huh?
I took the dollars.

Flip-flop lady's cell phone rang.
It was her hairdresser.
She had to quit.
And go finish getting her hair done.

I was left with Beginner Lady which was fine because I like her.
We tried going back around and playing an extra hole that we'd messed up earlier.
Ran into 3 young college-aged guys.
Careening around in the carts.
We went around them.

Tried the stream again.
No bet this time.
Had another intimidating (but redneck polite) groupd of FIVE ahead of us.

This was the busiest I have ever seen the place on a Sunday evening.
It was crazy.
It was annoying.
It was frustrating.

We finally gave up and quit.
We are playing Heat Stroke Golf this afternoon at 1:00.
It is supposed to be 95 degrees.
HOPEFULLY no one else will be out there.
Hopefully we won't pass out and die.

But MAYBE we can actually PLAY a few rounds of golf.
Practice a little.
Try to get better at golf, not spend our time avoiding drunks.

I am really starting to get annoyed with that place.
I KNOW other golf courses that are higher on the food chain would NOT tolerate that kind of crap.

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garnett109 said...

Thats why I play polar golf at home