Thursday, May 28, 2009

I just wanted him to look at it.

Well, my husband just doesn't get it.
MEN don't get it.
He has been looking for a new car.
His old one is shot. It is 17 years old and a mess.
Mechanically it was okay but otherwise, it was shot and well overdue in need of replacing.
I wanted him to LOOK around at other vehicles.
Go to a few dealers.
Shop around and see what was out there, what he might like, what his options were. problem, right?

So a couple of days ago, we went to lunch and I happened to see a really nice looking dark blue GMC Yukon at a dealership on the way to lunch.'
The price was in the ball park.
So I mentioned it to hubby.
I said it looks really nice, it's a BIG vehicle.
Let's go look at it.

He said okay, even though it wasn't what he had in mind/
He'd go look.
well, he looked at it.
And he drove it.
And he decided (without me pushing him in any way) that he really liked it.

Then we went home without making any kind of a commitment and I hoped he would look around some more.
Well, when we go home, he got on the computer and he found another GMC Yukon, same year and $1000 less at another dealership across town.

So he called about it, and OFF we go.'
He looked at this second one.
It was in much better shape than the first one.
It had 30,000 fewer miles.
And it was $1000 less.

So off he went.
He took it to our mechanic.
The mechanic said it was in fine shape and a very nice vehicle.
And then next thing I know, hubby is calling me to tell me he's at the bank.
I tried to talk him out of it, expressing my reluctance since even though It was a VERY nice vehicle, it was a lot of $$$$ and maybe he should just LOOK a little more.

Apparently that is a concept that is totally foreign to him (and to most men, I must add.)

Guess what??

The truck (yes, it IS a truck and it is HUGE) is in our driveway.

it is very nice, it drives very nicely and it is roomy and comfortable.
He likes it.

I HOPE it turns out to be a good car's ours now/


garnett109 said...

Good luck with the new suv

City Girl said...

Reminds me of my brother-in-law who was dragged by a friend to a Boat Show (just to keep him company) but came home with a payment book.

My sister was fit to be tied.

Men have no control when it comes to toys.