Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Playing Golf in the Rain...

Okay...yesterday was kinda weird.
It had rained all night long and I was pretty ambivalent about trying to play golf in the evening. But my new golf pal called and wanted to play. Reluctantly, I said okay, thinking that I really should show up for "Ladies" golf night. (No ladies ever actually show up for Ladies' golf.
Well, the wheels fell off and it got very strange.
We got out there (there were 3 of us), my new golf pal, who is a real beginner, and one of the ladies who works at the club. She can actually hit a golf ball but her heart really isn't in it. She was playing in flip-flops and using an old set of clubs that she found in the back of the pro shop.
That was fine. And my new golf pal's hubby was supposed to show up after work. But he didn't exactly qualify for Ladies' night and I don't really think golf pal wanted him to play along with us.
So we got started.
The course was under water and it was miserable playing.
Golf Pal was whacking the ball ten feet at a time and Flip-flop lady was doing okay. Hubby showed up and asked if he could join us. I said it was fine with me but I don't think it was fine with his wife (golf pal).
Well, we got around four holes. The fairways had huge puddles, there were mosquitoes as big as eagles, and it was generally unpleasant and not much fun.
When we got to the end of the fourth hole, Golf Pal suddenly just took her clubs and left. I don't know why. She didn't say anything to us. She just left. I don't know if she had words with hubby or what but she took her clubs and left, heading for the clubhouse. Bye Golf Pal.
Then Golf Pal's hubby spied a little beagle dog who has been running loose on the golf course for several weeks now. He wanted to catch the little dog and take it home so he got distracted with that and eventually, he got his hands on the dog and the next thing I know, he is gone, carrying the dog up to his car so he could take it home.
Okay,,,,,,so I am left out there on a soaking wet miserable golf course with Flip-flop lady. No problem. So we played another little par 3 hole. Not so bad. We had 3 holes left. Well, after the little par 3 hole, Flip-flop lady looks at me and says, I gotta go to the bathroom so I'm going to quit now." And off she goes up the hill to the club house in her golf cart. Bye bye, Flip-flop lady.
There I was. I was left out there all by myself in the middle of a rain soaked golf course (just me and the mosquitoes).
I kinda looked around. "Hey! Where did everybody go????"
And I decided well screw it, I am out here, I am just gonna finish playing.
I played the rest of the holes and I came back up the hill to the club house.
Flip-flop lady was still there, locking up the pro shop.(she works there).
Golf pal was still there (I don't know why..just hanging out I guess).
And she said to me "Call me in the morning, we'll play tomorrow.."
(Uuuuuhhhhh. Huh?? What?? (I said "No I couldn't.")
And her hubby had gone home with his new dog.
It was VERY odd and very surreal.
Note to self:(Things I learned)
1)Ladies golf night is a fiasco out there.
2)There is no adult leadership.
3)Playing on a rain soaked golf course is NOT fun.


garnett109 said...

Sounds like the only ones who had fun were the mosquitoes

City Girl said...

LOL. Oh, Honey...that sounds like something that would happen to me!

So, you played with her the next day, right?