Monday, January 26, 2009

Just Can't Find a Friend...

Well, now I feel really bad for Cookie.
We have been trying to find a friend for her.
She is such a sweet little dog and she would LOVE to have someone to run with and play with.
So, we've been looking for a friend for her but unfortunately, nothing seems to be working out.
And I feel even worse today.
Her last real friend died in April of last year and she's been by herself ever since.
We got another dog from the pound for her but he didn't even stay here 24 hours.
He was a good dog and didn't do anything wrong;
He just took over and totally overwhelmed her.
Not to mention the fact that he was too much of a handful for us. (We need something with a little less energy...)
Now, over the past two weeks, I have been looking online at some of the pet rescue groups.
They can be a pain with their scrutiny but I found what sounded like the perfect little dog so I decided to give it a go.
I thought their dogs might be nicer and a little less shell-shocked than a dog that comes straight from the pound (Auschwitz for dogs).
I filled out the application, put in the references, sent it off and waited for a reply.
They called me and set up a "meeting" with the dog's foster mom.
She was a VERY nice lady, she was kind and obviously loved the dogs she was taking care of.
But that turned out to be the problem.
She loved them a little too much.
When she got here yesterday with the little dachshund we were interested in, Cookie was tickled pink.
She tried to run and play and wanted so bad for this little dog to pay attention to her.
The little dog was sooooo bonded to its foster "mom" that she totally ignored Cookie and sat in the woman's lap.
I think the woman had the best of intentions but she never really had any plans of adopting out this little dog.
She just needed confirmation that this dog was hers to keep.
Even if I had wanted the dog, i couldn't have taken it from her.
It was her dog and the body language between the two of them made that very apparent.
But now I feel really bad for Cookie.
She thought she had a new friend.
And she seems sad and disappointed.
The search for a friend for Cookie (that sounds like a book title "A Friend for Cookie") continues.


Leigh said...

Keep looking, there's a Friend for Cookie out there somewhere.

Good luck, Leigh

garnett109 said...

I'm sure youy'll find a friend for cookie don't give up hope.