Thursday, January 1, 2009

Is it Easter already???

Here's what really bugs me about holidays and why I am such a Grinch all the time.
I am SICK of the holiday hype and commercialization.
Holidays are NOT about holidays any more.
They are not about meaningful special days.
They are about how much the retailers can get you to spend.

On Tuesday, December 30 we went to the movies and to the Cracker Barrel restaurant for lunch and I kid you not:
All of the Christmas stuff was totally GONE.
It looked like Christmas had never happened.
And one window display (I swear to God, I am serious) one window display was all EASTER merchandise. Easter!
In the center of the store was all Valentine's Day stuff.
And there was even a little bit of St. Patrick's day things.

It was the same at WalMart.
Every shred of Christmas stuff had instantly vanished. The racks were filled with Valentine's t-shirts and the card racks had Easter and Valentine's cards.

And when I went to the higher-end clothing stores.....
They were putting in SPRING things.
Pastels, light weight cottons, short sleeves on the mannequins.

Do we HAVE to rush every season?
And can't we go a nanosecond between "holidays".

I am soooo sick of this.
It ruins what was left of the "holidays" for me.
I don't want to look at pink Easter bunnies in January.
Give us a little breathing room, please.
Can't we just have a plain, regular day or two.
Isn't that what makes the "holidays" special and set apart from the regular days???????


garnett109 said...


Woody said...

Happy New Year, I agree, I hate going to the stores in October and seeing Christmas stuff, right now our stores are putting up Valentines day stuff.

take care


salemslot9 said...

I'd take a break from those places
except maybe the second hand store
where you get alot of great deals
'happy' new year, Sunny

Shannon H. said...

I think it is crap that they put out holiday stuff earlier and earlier each year. Hell, they may as well leave all the holiday stuff for every holiday out all year long.