Wednesday, January 21, 2009

End of the Hamburgers For a While

Okay, I think I am finally hamburgered out for a little while.
It went over the top yesterday when we went to a local sports bar to watch the inauguration on their big screen televisions.
Without even thinking I ordered one of their sports bar hamburgers. It was HUGE and it had two slices of cheese on it and tomatoes and jalapeno peppers. I scarfed it up without even giving it a second thought.
That is something I NEVER would have done six months or a year ago.
My eating habits have hit an all time low.
I have eaten out 6 of the last 8 days.
And it's been screw the salads.
I have been ordering omelettes, cheeseburgers, french fries, onion rings without even thinking about it.
It is getting REALLY bad and I know I am going to have a difficult time recovering from the damage I have done to myself this winter (which totally sucks so far, thank you very much).
My eating is out of control and I can't even force myself to go to the gym.
I can't play golf or do anything but sit here on the G*d D***ed computer.
This is why I hate winter and I hate being cold.
I have 3 layers of clothes on and I feel fat, tired, old bored and bloated.
This has got to stop.
I think I am hamburgered out for now.
Ugh :-p/
I cannot keep doing this.


garnett109 said...

Try Meatloaf

Woody said...

Thats a good one Garnett, You stole my comment LoL!!!

SO I'll have to suggest "Meat-Ball" sandwiches!!!

salemslot9 said...

Marley the kitten
is very sick
please, say a prayer for him
he only weighs 5 lbs.
a bag of sugar...

teuchter said...

Hope you don't mind me commenting here - but your post really struck a chord.

I've just been through this too; the bad eating, zero exercise and spending too much time online - then feeling totally crap and useless about myself.
The downslide began a couple of days after Christmas and then gathered speed when my husband went back to China and I started comfort eating.
Only in this last week have I managed to improve the diet and get going again at the gym.
When one becomes totally bound by inertia, it's so hard to get going again.
Don't give up!
I won't say I'm there yet - but it's beginning to get a tad easier.

ps - hope the kitty gets better soon.