Saturday, January 24, 2009

Juat Call Me Daddy!

My Midwinter Protest:
Okay, every year about this time when I am sick to death of winter and I am ready for spring, I find myself starting my midwinter protest. This year it is no different.
I have stopped shaving. Everything. Everywhere. Ewwww. I know it's gross but men do it all the time as a form of protest and it's fine for them. I do it in the middle of winter when I figure it just doesn't matter anymore. I am wearing turtlenecks and jeans every single day so I just quit because it saves me some struggles in the shower and is just easier. I go as long as I can. If I can't stand it any more, then I will start again. If not......I just wait until spring. It's my way of saying I am totally sick of winter and I want it to be warm and sunny again.
A New Heat Pump:
Yay... I was a bit upset with hubby last week because it was sooooo cold here and our heat pump was not working right at all. Fortunately, I held my tongue, I did not say a word to him. And to my surprise, he had been researching new heat pumps on the Internet and called 3 different contractors to come out here to give us a proposal and an estimate. I must admit, I was very surprised because I had no idea he was doing that.
The 3 contractors came out, they all gave us estimates (we chose the first guy because he was a very polite young man who'd worked with his father in heating and air for 15 years. He was knowledgeable and thorough and his price seemed fair.) He will be out on Thursday to install a brand new Trane heat pump. I am sure that it will be much more efficient and we will actually have heat! The price? $7000.. And that was the mid-range model.
I pointed out to hubby that I will have to postpone my quest for a new car. He said that would be a good idea and I could start looking again in the spring. Fine with me.
That is it. I (along with everyone else on the planet) played golf yesterday because we got a break in the weather.The rain stopped and it made it up to nearly 65 degrees. It was fun but I played with my blacksmith and I like him a lot, I just wish he could find some men to play with. He is a very nice, sweet, patient man and he doesn't seem to mind that I have to hit the ball 4 times for every once that he hits it. He says to men take the game to seriously and he just wants to play. So we played 18 holes. I walked and I was exhausted. I had been looking forward to a little Zen golf...maybe next week/
Adopting a Chinese Baby:
Hubby and I sent in an application to adopt a rescue dog that we are interested in. We think she could make a nice companion for Cookie. But I think that it would be easier to adopt a Chinese baby than it is to get a little dog from these folks. They have a 3 page application, they require personal references, a veterinarian's reference, an essay "Why Do You Think This Dog Would Make a Good Addition To Your Home". I'm surprised they don't do credit checks and criminal background checks as well. I understand that they want to be cautious when placing a dog in a new home.....but I promise, we won't use the little doggie for any satanic rituals or animal sacrifices. And I don't want a Chinese baby girl.
I just want a little friend for my dog who is lonesome.
I'll be waiting to hear from them.
That's it.........


garnett109 said...

Good Luck getting the new dog

Leigh said...

The only time I shave is in the summer. Course, I've got very light hairs and no one to impress, so I can get away with it.
Golf? Not here-there's 2 and a half feet of snow on the ground.
I hope you get warm and that the dog adoption goes smoothly.

:) Leigh