Thursday, January 15, 2009

A GREAT game

I must admit, I had one of the best golf games ever today.

I was sooo very pleased.

I went out about 9:30 and it was soooo cold (I dressed like I was going skiing, not going to play golf) and I had to wait about 15 minutes before all the frost was off the greens.

During that 15 minutes that I was waiting, I started talking to the guy in the pro shop (His name is Breezy... what a neat name for a golf guy).

I asked him a few questions about some things that I've been having difficulty with.

He was VERY nice and gave me some great advice and some good suggestions.

When I finally got out to play, I was the only one on the entire course and I had a great game.

I made a birdie on the first hole, I hit the green directly on the second, I made par on the third and it continued that was for the entire course.

He suggestions really helped my game.

Even though it was COLD (41 degrees) it was brilliantly clear and sunny.

And I had the course all to myself.

What a fun day.


Leigh said...

Good For You!
How nice of the pro to help you out.

:) Leigh

garnett109 said...

to damn cold up here to play golf

salemslot9 said...

some people in their airplane club
call my John
and his brother Ed
because, their last name is similar
they're nice, too!