Monday, February 2, 2009

Willing to Give Flower a Chance

Well, we may have finally found a friend for Cookie and after sleeping on it, I think I am willing to give Flower a chance.

We (both of us AND Cookie) were exhausted yesterday and frankly, a little overwhelmed.

We found an award-winning Dachshund breeder in a neighboring town about 40 miles from here.

She has 40 dogs and several adult female "retirees" that she puts up for adoption.

We had to make an appointment to visit her kennels.

We went yesterday at 3:00.

She is a VERY nice lady and her dogs were beautiful.

She gave us 3 dogs to choose from (the one I REALLY wanted wasn't up for adoption).

There was Misty who was painfully shy. I wasn't comfortable with her because I thought she could potentially snap or bite just out of fear.

There was Jill who had a delightful personality but she was just a little too bouncy and energetic. I thought she would go directly to Tito just out of curiosity and I didn't want to have that fight.

And then there was Flower.

Flower is a small, red long-haired girl with a very demure personality.

She was very sweet and quiet and seemed like a very good match for Cookie.

She was quiet and gentle. Not bouncy, pushy or hyper.

We ALMOST took Jill but I had to speak up.

I just wasn't prepared.

I wasn't comfortable taking a dog right away and even though we have to wait 3 weeks for Flower (she's not quite ready to go yet), I liked her personality and her coloring better and I think she is a better choice.

So we chose Flower and we will pick her up on the 21st.

Our household will be upside-down for a month or so while we get used to her and she gets used to us.

She'll take a little work and a little training.

I hope it works but if it doesn't, the lady assured us that we could bring Flower back any time if she isn't working out.

So....We'll get Flower.

I hope she and Cookie will become friends.