Sunday, February 22, 2009

Prima Donna and Dirty Girl.

Well, we went and picked up the new dog yesterday.
i have been trying to find a new friend for Cookie, our dachshund and I discovered there was an award winning AKC breeder about 50 miles from here.
She adopts out her "retiree" mothers.
We went there 3 weeks ago and met Flower, a shy quiet delightful little long haired dachshund. And we decided to get her but we had to wait 3 weeks before we could pick her up.
We, we went and got her yesterday.
She is just a love.
She is sweet and quiet and very well-mannered (she was a show dog as well as a mama).
And although she was afraid and nervous, she is a bit clingy and has tried to do everything she can to please us.
The only problem right now, she and Cookie are just little parellel universes.
There was no spark of recognition. No "Oh boy, a new friend!" Nothing.
There has been absolutely no growling or jealousy (although Cookie can't figure out WHO this new dog is who has plastered herself against me).
Since she is absolutely no trouble, I will give her a few more days to see if anything clicks. We have her on a trial period right now.
She has been going outside to pee and slept totally quietly in her crate last night.
She does not seem to know how to play with toys or a ball.
The Prima Donna and Dirty Girl?
Cookie goes in the back and digs tunnels under leaves and branches, snarfs and sniffs and buries her entire body in dirt and wet mulch.
So far Flower, the Prima Donna just sits in my lap and wonders what on earth is going on.