Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pee on the Floor then Hide Under the Bed

Who says animals can't communicate??
Cookie, our little Dachshund has a very clear, simple straightforward way of letting us know when we have done something to upset her or if her nose is out of joint.
She pees on the floor and then hides under the bed.
No doubt, no question. Cookie is unhappy about something.
Now keep in mind this is a dog who is totally housebroken.
She will literally wake me up out of a sound sleep at 2 o'clock in the morning to go out.
She will scratch and and stand by the door.
So it's not a mistake or an "accident".
It is a statement:
"I did not like getting a bath this morning. Thank you very much. I'll show you. I will now pee on the floor then I will hide under the bed."


garnett109 said...

My Sassy pulls the dirty clothes out of the hamper then pees on the floor when she gets mad at us for not taking her with us when we go some where.

Leigh said...

Well, I guess she told you!
They do have their ways of expression. We had a Brittany Spaniel that liked to shred pillows when he was miffed with us.

:) Leigh

Lori said...

Very smart, and very cute! She shows her displeasure -- and then very prudently hides so you can't show YOU'RE displeasure! lol