Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Bag O' Crap

oh goodie. I never thought I would fall into this group BUT when people tell you to not take your 70 year old aunt another little crystal turtle or a ceramic cat.. LISTEN TO THEM. It is TRUE!!!!!!
Saturday was Valentine's Day. Hubby gave me just a little gift that was perfect and much appreciated. He gave me a gift card for Books-a-Milion with just enough on it to buy two paperback books. I was very happy with it and I am still trying to decide on which books to buy with it.
Then there was CrazyFriend. CrazyFriend has this affinity for buying me gift bags of crappy stuff that I don't want and will never use. She will spend $25 or $30 dollars on all the little useless trinkets and I have 3 of said bags sitting here, untouched and unopened.
She gave me yet another one on Valentine's day.
Included in the bag o' crap:
A set of made in China ceramic pink and white dove salt and pepper shakers.
Some yucky scented oil that permeated the wrapping the bag and my car.
An ugly black infuser and tea lights for said oil.
A totally ridiculous Valentine's costume that she KNEW would be 2 sizes to big for my dog but she bought it anyway.
A chocolate bar with cherries and almonds.

Now I don't want to seem ungrateful but out of all that crap, the only thing that was of any use was the chocolate and I gave that to hubby. And I KNOW she had to have spent $25 to $30 for all if it. And now it will sit in the closet with my collection of her other Bags o'Crap, unused, untouched and eventually donated to the Goodwill store.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE....listen to what they say. Don't give your Aunt Gracie a Bag o"Crap. Buy her a gift card from someplace she will actually LIKE. Take her to lunch. But PLEASE. Don't buy her any crystal turtles or ceramics cats.
She doesn't need them/


garnett109 said...

well said here!

Annie said...

Amen sista! I once commented on a cute cow coffee mug, suddenly I became the cow lady. Crazy.

winelush said...

How I hate the bags o crap too!

Leigh said...

I agree %100 with the giftcard idea. I used to BEG to be given a giftcard, always got crap like your giftbags.... :(

:) Leigh