Friday, October 9, 2009

You want a little music?

Well, I had a very interesting day today.
I love my new car. I put the top down all the time and it is fun to drive.
But the CD player has been giving me fits.
While I was out today, I decided to mess with the buttons and it suddenly quit.
At least the sound quit.
I knew the CD was playing but there was no sound.
It drove me crazy all day.
I fussed with it. I fiddled with it.
No sound, no way.
Then I went to the feed store to get some Calf Manna for Persimmon.
To get there, I had to drive up their bumpy gravel drive.
And guess what??
I suddenly had SOUND.
(There must be a short somewhere....)

You want a little music?
Pardon me while I take this bumpy road!


garnett109 said...

Looks like you got to work the bugs out

Anonymous said...

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